When looking for a home to buy, most people tend to be torn between buying an old or a new build house. Making this decision is not an easy thing since everyone has unique tastes and preferences. Compared to an old house, a new build home is unique because you get to build it from scratch and add your own features. However, building a new house can be quite overwhelming experience, especially when building for the first time. It is clear that a new build has its advantages and disadvantages, and this article looks at exactly that.


  • Everything is New

The best thing about a new build house is that everything is new and no one else has used anything in the house. This gives you a sense of ownership; you get to feel that you own the house. This is contrary to when buying an old house where you feel and know that someone else lived in the house before you. The idea of finding everything new is something that fascinates every homebuyer. It is also the reason old houses are renovated to try to make old features seem new.

  • Lower Maintenance

New features and fittings require little or no maintenance. Since a new build house comes with new features and installations, you do not have to do a lot of maintenance. Maintenance and repairs will come so many years later since most new build homes come with sophisticated features that last for long. Besides, such houses come with less than a 10-year warranty. This saves you so much money that you would have used in maintenance. Less or no maintenance also saves you time and stress so that you can focus on other important issues with your life.

  • Government Incentives

In most cases, governments and employers have incentives set aside specifically for new build house buyers. These include mortgages and grants. With these available, you would rather buy a new build home because you can.

  • Sophisticated Features

Most new build houses are now being built using the latest technology and sophisticated features. Such designs help lower building costs of the house, and in turn making the buying price considerably lower. Other features like LED lighting and stud walls help lower your energy bills hence saving you lots of money.

  • Influence of Design

In most cases, new build houses are sold at the design stage; even before they are built. What happens is the developer has a show house to give you an idea of what your home will look like. It is only after paying a deposit that the developer commences on building your house. This works to buyer’s advantage since they have a say in most construction works, especially the finishes and installations. You can decide the color of the walls, tile, and several other features, unlike with old houses where you have to go with what you find or do your changes.


  • Less Value For Your Money

Nowadays, most developers are using the latest designs that are meant to cut on building costs as much as possible. One of the common features being embraced in new build houses is stud walls. Newly build houses have relatively smaller rooms, compared to older houses. Developers reduce the square footage to save on the construction cost. These are better for insulation but on the flip side, they are too weak to steadily support some heavy installations like bathroom mirrors and sinks. Property developers cling onto the fact that everything in new build houses is new as a reason for increasing buying price.

  • Waiting Period

With most new build houses, you are first shown the show house and construction works start after you have paid the deposit. This, therefore, means that you have to wait for your house to be built. This is quite an inconvenience when you have a prospecting buyer of your old house waiting for you to vacate.

  • Disruption

The majority of new-build houses are built on newly developed sites where several other houses are being constructed. When this is the case and you happen to move into your newly built house; be prepared to deal with endless disruptions, ranging from dirt, vibrations, noise from construction machines to road closures due to mud.

Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages that come with buying a new build house, it is now upon you to determine what outweighs the other. If the feel of a new house, less maintenance, and sophisticated features are your priorities, then a new build house is your option. If you do not like smaller rooms and compounds, disruptions and waiting, then an old house is your most viable choice.