Top 5 Best Porches to Consider Installing in Your Home

Several kinds of porches exist that you can install in your home. They range from screened in to backyard porches among many others. People believe that porches are meant to connect and link the innermost parts of your home to the outside world. However, all porches are not even since some are uniquely made for chilling and relaxation while others are for welcoming guests. This article discusses the five best porches that you can install in your home.

Screened Porch

This kind of porch is quite fitting especially if you want to keep off the scorching sun or insects emanating from your garden. This ensures that you can enjoy perfect wind or breeze at peace without the presence of any undesired fragrances. A screened porch is also very versatile and can be used in diverse ways. You should plan ahead if you want it installed in your home. This ensures that you save on money and time while still ending up with a very attractive and functional porch.

Front Porch

This is the most classical kind of porch. It is present on the small stairs that directly lead to the front entryway to your home. It is designed for welcoming guests. A front porch is ideal as it creates a very exciting sense of coexistence and community. Generally, it accords you a very improved design of entry into your home. It also avails a much needed and improved architectural design to a house that was relatively flat on its face. Any guests can also be protected as they patiently wait at the front door of your home.

Back Porch

A back porch is more casual and unceremonious when compared to a front porch. It is versatile hence it gives you a chance be creative as you can experiment new things with it due to its multi-faceted nature. It simply aids to link up your kitchen to the outside world. This includes connecting your home to the back yard or garden hence giving you the best views where you can sit down and relax, as you imbibe a drink with your family or friends.

The best thing about a back porch is that it is more spacious thus making it a good utility. You should always bear in mind that the porch should be well linked to the main house by function and design. An addition of a deck should make a very good combo thus enhancing the way you experience the outdoors.

Wraparound Porch

It is also known as the farmers’ porch and it is wrapped around the sides of a home. This kind of porch is perfect when you desire to extend a very informal room. Sometimes, it can be connected to a dining room where it ensures that you can enjoy your garden alone or with guests. This porch amplifies the space especially after it is opened up to your adjoining rooms. However, it is very vital for you to note the direction in which the sun moves in your house so that you can plan before installing it. This is to avoid any sort of unwanted shade in your home. It is ideal mostly when you want to connect your house to the surrounding landscape.

In addition to this, a wraparound porch is very flexible and you can easily manipulate it in order to create a very desirable setting. You can design it to create a very good studying area or you can also plan and make a lounge for use when you have guests.

Breezeway Porch

It entails a porch installation in the area between the walkway and the home’s garage. It is a very chilled, relaxed and calm place for you to be able to position your outdoor furniture. It creates a perfect spot to relax and entertain a small group of guests.

The foregoing clearly highlights the five different types of porches that you should install in your home. This article has enumerated them accordingly to make sure that you have enough information to make a proper decision. You should widely consult experts in this area before opting for any of the aforementioned. This is because the structure, location and size of the house could vary thus necessitating a specific and bespoke kind of porch for your home. With porches, you can enjoy very decent views in an enclosed area that is well covered and without any personal intrusion and in an open space that evokes a sense of community.