5 Common Home Renovations You Can Do By Yourself

A home with outdated features not only looks unsightly but can also come with a number of disadvantages. It increases chances of accidents, such as falls due to broken tiles and being slippery. Clutter can also harbor insects, pests, mold, mildew and animals such as snakes. There are varieties of home renovations that you can do by yourself but there are also those that should be left to the professionals. Before embarking on a renovation, you should consider several factors such as whether the task is manageable, the time it will take you, whether you have the knowledge and skills to do it, the cost of the renovation and so on. This article looks at five common home renovations you can do by yourself.

Changing Lights

Dull lights can make even a clean room appear unappealing. Changing bulbs is a simple task that does not require any specialized expertise or skills in electricity. However, great caution should be observed when dealing with anything electrical since a slight mistake can cost you so much in terms of electrocution and burning of electronics. You should first ensure that all lights are turned off, something that you can do at the mains. You could even try to paint the dull bulbs with colors that will give you the desired theme in your rooms for example the bedrooms. This task should take you approximately 30 minutes of your weekend afternoons.

Regrout and Recaulk

Broken and slippery tiles can be a danger to your life since they can cut your bare feet when taking a bath. You are also at risk of taking a fall, which could cause you serious bodily injuries or even death. They also pose serious health risks since broken grout lines are a harbor to mold and mildew, which are the main causes of most types of allergies and other respiratory diseases. It may not be one of the best experiences since you can only manage one or two rooms in one weekend afternoon. Use a scrapper to remove the old grout out. Mix grout in a small container and then pour it into the grout lines. Use a wet sponge to wipe away the excess grout from the grout lines.

Paint Your Walls

This can be one of the easiest home renovations to do by yourself. Start by cleaning the walls off any stains, and remove the switches then cover the room with a drop cloth. Cut the ceiling and the floor with a tape, and then finally start the painting process. If you are using a painting roller, apply the ‘W’ methodology so that you do not have to leave roller marks on the wall. After the paint is dry, remove the drop cloth and return the switches and bulbs.

Hardware Replacement

Broken worn and outdated hardware can be a whole lot nuisance. They can make your life harder, on top of making your room look unsightly. Replacing things like malfunctioning doorknobs, cabinet hinges, and taps does not require specialized skills and expertise. All you need is a screw gun and the hardware to be replaced. Use the screw gun to remove the screws, replace the old door knobs and use the same screw gun to mount the new door knobs. New taps will also save you water and the headache of leaks. Your home will look all new again and you will feel a great sense of achievement.

Spruce up your front steps

Your front steps speak a lot about you and your home in general. An unsightly front entry can speak an unwelcoming message to your guests. You can repaint the door with a different color or do the same but a new paint. You could also replace the doormat to make it match with the new door paint color. Plant some new plants and flowers in the planters. Do not forget to change the light bulbs at your front entry with new ones. You could also try repainting the walls with some new paint, and rake the dry dead leaves at your front door steps.

Most home renovations are not a do it yourself task. This is because most of them require specialized skills and expertise while some like roof maintenance are so risky. You could injure yourself or end up causing more harm than good.  With this in mind, it is advisable to hire professional services with good rating and reviews to do the work for you. They are good at what they do and will save you the headache and time you would have gone through.