Unless you live in a very luxurious place, there is a very high chance that you wish your bathroom were bigger. With very little square footage, there is not a lot that you can do to enlarge your bathroom space. The only option you have is to make it look larger with the existing space that you have. Going about this can be quite tough for you, especially if you have no experience in bathroom remodeling. This is the main reason why we compiled this article for you. Let us have a look at different ways you can make your small bathroom look bigger.

Change the Colors

If you want your bathroom to look bigger, then consider going for colors that show some form of serenity. For instance, pale and soft colors give the illusion of extra space. You should thus consider avoiding exciting and strong colors. Go for bright colors for the towels and accessories, but choose neutrals, whites, and pastel tones for backgrounds. These colors will ensure a serene environment, and thus give the feeling of a larger bathroom.

Use Floating Vanity

If yours is a tight and small bathroom, you might have realized how hard it can be to move around and enjoy the space. This is the main reason that you should consider using floating vanity. Since it can be a bit tricky to balance storage space demands with the desire to feel free, a floating vanity can help eliminate that problem for you. It provides you with enough space to store those items you need on a daily basis, but still opens up the space, making your bathroom look bigger. In a small bathroom, having some extra space to move around can make a huge difference.

Go for a Big Mirror

Nothing will make your small bathroom look bigger than a mirror that goes all the way up to the ceiling. This kind of a mirror does wonders in helping you achieve a bigger look in your small bathroom. You can even install lighting on top of it, as this helps double the light’s impact, making the space to grow.

Use a Small Vanity

Speaking of vanities, if you do not need a big vanity, consider using a small one instead. Sometimes, less is more and a small vanity can help you achieve more space in the bathroom. A smaller vanity leaves out some space, allowing you to achieve a more roomier and spacious bathroom. Even when your tub or toilet is close to the vanity, you will still appreciate the extra open space.

Introduce Natural Light

Natural light is always desirable in a small bathroom. Apart from helping you feel awake in the morning, natural lighting can make your bathroom look bigger. Many homeowners are concerned about their privacy in the bathroom and that is the reason why they install small windows and go ahead to cover them up. Instead of doing this, consider having a large window and cover it with a translucent window shade. This will enable you to achieve a bigger-looking bathroom that also enhances your privacy.

Place Mirrors Strategically

The way you place your mirrors can have a great impact on how your bathroom looks. You can thus make your bathroom look larger by placing mirrors strategically. One good idea for you is to place your mirrors across from a window. Doing this allows your bathroom to look like it has two windows in the same place. You can also place the mirrors from sidewall to sidewall to enlarge your bathroom.

Go For Tone on Tone

If you are not a fan of whites, you can still make your bathroom look bigger by implementing tone-on-tone color palettes using soft grays, warm beige, or some faint hues like powder blue. Consider selecting a sumptuous tile and look for a color that picks up on the hues. Doing this will help you achieve a serene and spa-like experience without those visual breaks that will reduce your perception of space.

There is no doubt that a small bathroom can feel intimate and cozy. However, it can also feel depressing at times, especially when you want to do some things but you cannot. With very little space to work with, the only option you have with your bathroom is to make it look bigger by doing certain things such as changing the visuals, changing the colors, and adding new lighting. Apart from this, you can eliminate clutter and add new storage spaces to make your bathroom look bigger.