How to Add Space to a House on a Budget

Sometimes the space we have in our houses is just not enough, especially when we have big families, extended members of the family living with us, and when we have some guests visiting. You, therefore, find that at that particular time, you need more space and it can become quite hectic if you do not have enough space left. Extra square footage plays a big role when it comes to the time of reselling the house. This is because a prospecting buyer will pay more for money for more square footage. With this in mind, this article discusses some of the many ways you can add some extra space in your house on a budget.

Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

Often, the space under the stairs lays idle; it goes unutilized. However, have you ever thought how much you can do with the little space below the staircase? You can add an extra downstairs bathroom. This will go a long way in adding space to your house. This is because guests can use the extra bathroom without having to invade your privacy. It will serve the visiting guests who decide to take the couch, as they do not have to creep into the upstairs bathroom. It is a small space, meaning that even the bathroom you are going to add will be a simple one, and this will save you some money. Alternatively, you can convert the space into a storage unit for all your cleaning chemicals and tools.

Finish the Attic

For those that have smaller families, many are the times the attic goes unfinished. This is a mistake because if finished and well furnished, the attic will serve its primary purpose of adding some extra space in the house. Converting the attic into an extra bedroom unit will reward you when guests or members of your extended family visit. You can also convert the attic into a study room. This will make a perfect study since it is quiet and without any interruptions, so make good use of this extra room.

Add a Sunroom

A sunroom is a room made of glass, aluminum and other transparent materials. It is an extension of the living room but it is different in that it lets in direct sunlight. It is a good place to chill out and enjoy the view of nature around your backyard and the lawn. You can place your outdoor plants in the sunroom to protect them from adverse weather. Adding a sunroom does not require a specific code so it will not cost you much. Adding a sunroom will reward you handsomely when reselling your property.

Enclose the Porch

Porches are good places to sit and enjoy the goodness of nature as you view your lawn. However, it becomes unbearable to stick around during the cold months of winter. Enclosing the porch and fitting it with a heating system, lighting it up, and giving it bits of facelift will give you some extra living room. This will prove to be very beneficial when you have guests visiting. You can also use this space to hold a meeting with your workmates in privacy. Similarly, you can use this space to just chill out as you read a book while sipping on some wine.

Finish the Unfinished Areas

Letting some areas of the house sit unfinished is not just limiting in terms of space, but it also reduces your property value since such areas are not included in the square footage. Some of those areas include the laundry room and the garage. Even as you finish these areas, you will want to think twice because finishing a place like a garage means it ceases to be a garage but a room. It will increase the amount of space you so much need. On the flip side, this may work against you when a prospecting home buyer is looking for a property with a garage.

You can add extra space to your house on a budget by utilizing the space under the stairs, finishing unfinished areas such as the attic and porch, and adding a sunroom. These additions appear to be DIY and it is undoubtedly true that you can handle most of them by yourself. However, as much as you are a handy person, you will want to call in a contractor. Even if they do not do the construction work for you, they will offer you some expert advice about what may and may not work for your house. This is because every house takes a different addition process