Top 7 Bathroom Style Ideas You Should Consider

We all desire to have a bathroom that accords us proper comfort while still reflecting our personal preference and style. However, it is vital to have a functional bathroom with the perfect fixtures and amenities. Choosing the best style and design is a delicate process that should be undertaken with patience and much thought in order to ensure that your bathroom dream becomes a reality. This article shall deeply analyze seven bathroom styles, which you should consider if you are a fresh homeowner or in case you desire to have a complete overhaul and bathroom remodel.

Walk in Shower

A walk in shower is very stylish and functional for any bathroom. It creates a very elegant appeal and it enhances the utilization of any available space. The shower comes in different styles such as glass-enclosed shower, light filled shower, modern round shower, luxury shower and a nature inspired shower among others. Besides being overly elegant, it is safer and easier to use. Moreover, individuals on wheelchairs can easily access it hence creating ample space in the bathroom.


Choosing the perfect lighting is important since it sets a certain tone and mood. It is also great in creating an aesthetically pleasing look. At the outset, you should estimate the amount of natural lighting that reaches your bathroom and this dictates the style of lighting that you opt for and where the same will be specifically placed. The lighting could be LED lighting where the colors change based on the temperature. The various options include wall, pendant and star lighting. It is advisable for you to use dimmer switches as they help in light adjustment hence ultimately availing pleasing style to your bathroom.

Color Palette

A color scheme has the potential to give your bathroom design a complete overhaul and transformation. It is very instrumental in availing and setting a perfect mood and feel to a bathroom. This is regardless of whether the bathroom is classical or relatively modern and contemporary. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the selected color is uniform and consistent throughout the whole bathroom design including some proper blending with the bathroom fixtures and tiles.

Tiles and Marble

Tiles are usually available in varying colors and designs. The decision to select a certain type of tiles should be guided by the whole look that you are trying to project and attain in your bathroom. Some tiles can be main features of the bathroom while others can be laid in the background. This should be taken into consideration before opting for specific types of tiles. Many people also employ functionality as a very important factor to ensure that the tiles achieve their intended purpose such as making a bathroom quite sleek and spacious.

Minimal Spa Bathroom

This entails the use of several additions and alterations to give you the spa like experience. You can commence with the hanging of shower curtains and the addition of some greenery from a wide array of options. Some art and scented candles could also do the trick including some very stylish bath mats. It is quite easy and basic hence you should consider it as a valid option to enhance your bathroom style accordingly.

Heating Elements

There exist several heating options to use in your bathroom such as mounted heaters, towel rails and under floor heating among others. All these should be chosen wisely, as they always dictate your bathroom’s design process. This is because they are also pivotal in the improvement of your bathroom’s appeal.

A High Tech Bathroom

This entails some TVs and other entertainment features such as Bluetooth speakers. This style is most fitting for people who are bold and not hesitant to show off the greatest and most recent bathroom technology.

Choosing the perfect style ensures that you create a very remarkable safe space where you retreat and tuck away far from the hectic world for great relaxation with a touch of class and luxury.  All the aforementioned stylish ideas are ideal and fitting. They should transform your bathroom thus making it very pleasing. The ideas are not overly technical and expensive hence you should not feel priced out under any circumstances. You should therefore consider them as they also help to raise the value of your home. Moreover, a bathroom should be a proper sanctuary. This therefore necessitates its transformation in order to ensure that your experience will never be the same again.