What is the Average Cost of Tiling a Bathroom?

Tile has become increasingly popular as a surface for many bathrooms. There exist so many types to choose from hence most people have been tiling their walls and bathroom flooring with consummate ease. The increase of varying tiles and the respective styles has consequently resulted to the surge of possible prices and other potential costs relating to the bathroom tiling.

Tiling the bathroom is very crucial as it increases the value of your home. The cost of tiling is dependent on the size of your bathroom, the kind of tiles that you opt for and the person or company that you hire to do the job for you. This article discusses the average cost of tiling a bathroom including any other hidden costs. These costs are not often part of the quotation as rendered or availed to you. The average cost is determined by so many factors and all these shall be enumerated in the article.

Valuable Information Regarding Pricing Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are quite fitting for the floor and their price is $5 to $10 on average per square foot. Their popularity has increased due to their durability especially for people who generally hail from wet environments. Marble tiles cost around $8 per square foot. These prices do not include the removal of the old tiles, grout and the further costs of installation of the new tiles.

The tiling is most expensive when you decide to tile the whole bathroom including the walls and the floor. However, tiling the area above the sink is the cheapest option. The material that the tiles are made from is also very pivotal in the determination of the cost. This is because the price of natural stone tiles is very different as compared to the cost of other materials such as vinyl tiles.

As mentioned above, the size of the bathroom is also very influential because the bigger the bathroom, the more the tiles to be installed hence the tougher and ultimately expensive.

Detailed Job Description and Pricing

A complete tiling using ceramic tiles for both walls and the floor will cost you around $1100 to $2500. If you opt to use granite tiles, the cost will range between $3300 and $3900. You can also choose to tile the walls only using ceramic tiles and this would cost you a total of $950 to around $2100.If you decide to use granite tiles just for the wall tiling only, you will have to spend between $2600 and $3100.

The flooring is not as expensive compared to the wall tiling. The ceramic tiling of the floor only will ideally cost you around $190 and $ 600. If you decided to use granite tiles for the same, you would have to pay around $700 and $850.Most people tend to completely ignore the installation of tiles in the area around the bath. This would cost you between $490 and $1000 for ceramic tiles and $1300 to $1550 if you decided to use granite tiles. If you decide to tile the splash back above the sink using ceramic tiles, it will cost you between $110 and $450. However, in case you use granite tiles for the same area, you will have to spend between $200 and $250.

So What is the Average Cost of Tiling a Bathroom?

The cost of tiling therefore ranges between $2000 to $4000 based on the size of your bathroom and the materials that you choose to buy. On average, the cost of installing tiles all around the shower is around $2500. This is not inclusive of the backsplash and the flooring, which is vital for the protection of the bathroom.

The Cost of Labor and Expected Timeframes

This is all dependent on your location and the experience of the person that you will decide to hire. In case the walls and the floors are already prepared, you will have to pay between $25 and $50 per square meter. However, if the job is bigger and it seems like it will take longer, you will spend around $190 and $260 per day.

This article has clearly specified the amount of money that you will spend when tiling your bathroom hence you ought to be properly guided by the same. It is also very vital for you to buy more than 10% of the amount of tiles that you actually need to account for the expected wastage once the tiles are specifically cut in order to fit the shape of your bathroom. It might seem relatively expensive but it is ultimately worthwhile.