Top 7 Tips for Selecting the Best Tiles for Your Home

With regard to tile flooring, you can select from a wide array of designs, colors, sizes and materials. You should therefore choose wisely since not every tile is fitting for every kind of space. To help you make a sound decision, you should consider several factors that can guide you through this delicate exercise in order to make sure that you settle for the best tiles for installation in your home. This process is not easy, as the possibilities might seem infinite. This article shall therefore proceed to pinpoint and discuss the varying tips that you should consider when looking for the best tiles for your home.

Choose the Tile Color Carefully

The colors ought to be in tandem with your personality and style. You should understand the concept of space and the basics of colors. This is because brighter and lighter colors enhance the feeling of space whereas darker and relatively gloomy colors tend to close the space in.

Experts in this area have also stipulated that neutral colors tend to be ideal as they give you the chance to add color, pomp and style with the use of diverse accessories hence ultimately rendering your home a very decent sanctuary. There are so many colors from which you can choose from and this could be somewhat overbearing thus making it vital to seek the services of a professional since even the slightest alteration could potentially change the overall outlook of your own home.

Contemplate and Consider the Hardness

This should be checked on the Moh scale in order to ensure that the tiles can be able to withstand proper scratches and inevitable traffic. Several classes are used to categorize the tiles and these classes should help you determine the tiles that ought to be installed in different places in your home. They range from class one to five based on the amount of traffic involved. Having this understanding guides you on the tiles that you should install on the walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, countertops, kitchen, entryways, halls and any other spaces. You ought to be very familiar with these classes before making an informed decision.

Pay Attention to the Tile’s Ability to Absorb Water or Porosity

This helps you to know about the strength of the tiles. Tiles that absorb very little water are very durable. This entails impervious, vitreous, semi vitreous and non-vitreous tiles. Impervious tiles are ideal for use in the kitchen and the bathroom whereas the non-vitreous tiles are not good for use on the floors. This tip is very crucial when deciding the best tiles for your home.

Be Guided by the Room Size

Bigger tiles help to make the home feel much larger, spacious and airier. In case you have a very small house, brighter and light colored tiles should help make the room feel more spacious whereas dark tiles are quite fitting for larger rooms. The size of the room is very crucial in this determination. The installation of floor tiles on the walls aids to make the room appear much cohesive but the opposite does not suffice.

Consider The Right Tile Size

Tile size is a very important consideration. Small tiles are used in kitchens, bathrooms and any other residential areas. The size of the tiles is dictated by the size of your home. Large tiles look good in a bigger home hence creating a stunning look on both the walls and the floors. Small tiles are used in small homes including some other features to make the home look amazing.

Make Sure The Tiles are Slip Resistant

This is vital especially if you have children and elderly people in the house. The tiles should be slip resistant mostly in the bathroom in order to curtail any potential accidents. You should choose tiles with a very high coefficient of friction. The best tiles should be 4 X 4 or lower since the 6 X 6 or larger are not favorable.

Take Your Time and Request a Sample

You should be very patient and visit a showroom to discuss with a professional at the inception stage. This ensures that you opt for the perfect combinations. A sample ensures that you know how the size, color and subsequent finish will look like in your bathroom.

The foregoing are very vital tips, which you should follow and consider prior to selecting the best tiles for your home. With the information provided in the article, you should now be better placed to make an informed decision when looking to install tiles in your home