Top 3 Color Trends for Your Home

A home is usually a reflection of an individual’s own personal tastes, whether it be styles, colors, or even preferring a certain layout design. Most often, trends play a role in determining what a homeowner may want their home to look like and feel like. After most people spent a large chunk of time stuck inside because of the pandemic, many new color trends are coming to light because people are starting to feel braver with experimenting with color and wanting to feel
comfortable within their home. This article discusses the most popular color trends that have come to light recently.

Earthy Tones
Bringing color within the home is one of the easiest ways to offer escapism from the outside world, and a place to de-stress. What better way to de-stress then to have a home that embodies peace and relaxation. Nature colors such as light shades of greens and navy have recently been a popular color choice that many favor. These light shades of green have been most popularly used throughout white kitchens with the lower kitchen cabinets being green, and the upper cabinets being white. As a result, your space is relaxing and calm from the first moment you step inside.

Warm Pop of Color
Since many people are now gaining more confidence to experiment with color throughout their home, the use of bright bold colors such as shades of red, pink, and yellow have been seen more and more. The perfect way to add a pop of color to your space and make it more expressive is by having an accent wall or accessories that stands out from the overall color scheme of the space. For instance, in a space with black and white colors, a pop of sunshine yellow throughout would really bring the room to life.

Cool and Clean
Sometimes color trends maintain the same, even years after they originally gained popularity. Simple cool colors and clean designs continue to be one of the most popular color trends because many people often spend a certain amount of time saving money until they can start a remodeling project, and that will lead to certain trends continuing throughout the years. The trend of using cool colors such as shades of blue throughout a white kitchen is perfect for people that are aiming for their home to embody a coastal style. What better way to bring the beach indoors whether you live by the shore or not, then lightening the space up with light blue coastal colors.

Although there are many types of home improvement projects, you can truly elevate a space to the next level by adding pops of color throughout your home. Painting may not be the first remodeling project one might think of, but it is one of the most customizable details you can add to your home. Certain color schemes can even help your overall wellness of life and can reduce the stress of negative influences that can impact your working. If you believe your home is due for a remodeling makeover, consider reaching out to us so that we can help take your home to the next level.