Luxurious Experiences in Design

After a long day at work, everyone wants to come home to a place that they can relax at and feel at peace within. Sometimes during a remodel, it is important to think about if it may be worth it to put a little more money into your projects to get more out of them in the end. For example, luxury experiences may seem too expensive when first looking at them, and more like wants than needs but they may be elements that help bring you a sense of ease in your home. This
article discusses three of the most popular luxurious experiences in design.

Spa Master Bathroom

In latest trends, spa bath designs continue to stand strong against all other luxury design ideas. Most homeowners want to have a master bathroom space that allows them to have a place to decompress from the workday, and overall, the stressful world. A staple for a spa master bath is deciding what fits your lifestyle, are you someone who prefers a spa whirlpool tub, or a soaking bathtub? Do you love a sleek and clean space, or a bright airy Zen space? The options are truly
endless for how luxurious you want to make your bathroom.

Home Bar

Luxurious experiences should always be dream designs that you believe will make your home life easier, especially if their designs that you have always wished that you could add to your home. Another trendy design component in recent years is creating your own home bar. Whether you drink, or just enjoy hosting get togethers, a home bar is essential for those looking to take their homes to the next level. Most popularly, a home bar is a space off from the kitchen
that matches the kitchen style and layout. If you really want to step your game up, a wine cooler, bar sink, or mini fridge are great add-ons for such a design.


A sunroom may not be the first luxurious experience in design one may think of, but it still is an extremely popular choice. This is the perfect luxury design idea for those that enjoy the fresh air and sunshine but miss it during the cooler seasons of fall and spring. No matter the season or the weather, you can always enjoy the fresh air outside without any fear of rain ruining your relaxation. A sunroom space is the perfect addition to your home because it allows you the time to enjoy the outdoors throughout all three seasons.

Although there are many types of luxurious experiences in design, the most popular experiences include a spa master bath addition, a home bar, and a sunroom addition. A luxury space within your home can really add to your overall wellness of life and can reduce your daily stress levels. If you are thinking about adding a luxurious experience to your home, consider reaching out to Baine Contracting, Inc. to help you make your own dream space.

By Shannon Johnstone at Baine Contracting, Inc.