Top 3 Functional Storage Options in Design

Most people’s worst design nightmare is there not being enough storage throughout their home. The kitchen counter is typically covered with cooking appliances and utensils, as well as daily items such as the day’s mail, car keys, and even children’s schoolwork. When you start a remodel, you should think about which storage options you may want to consider that will help you consolidate the clutter that may be crowding your living environment. Storage options may not be your first reason to complete a remodel, but they are an important factor in any design project. Functional storage options can range from making sure you optimize your kitchen storage, to having designated storage rooms. This article will discuss three of the most popular functional storage options in design.

Optimize Kitchen Storage

In latest trends, functional kitchen storage is still a major component for why people choose to complete a kitchen remodel. With all the appliances, eating utensils, and pots and pans, it’s no wonder this is still a key design element. One of the most popular functional storage options for kitchen’s is to include a pot and pan drawer. This usually involves two drawers that pull out from your cabinets that allows for easy storage of typically clunky items. Another great storage option for kitchens is the inclusion of a spice rack cabinet. This design item is perfect for maximizing your storage in space you have because it is typically a pull-out rack behind a cabinet door that allows for you to have a tidy place to store small items. The storage options for kitchens are truly endless ideas of how to maximize your space.

A Designated Laundry Room

Design ideas should always include concepts of storage functionality that will help make your home life easier. By having a designated laundry room space within your home, it will improve the overall cleanliness and de-clutter of your home environment. For example, if you have children, their dirty athletic uniforms or messy clothing can immediately be put into a space separate from the rest of the home, so it doesn’t smell or spread throughout the home. Also, after doing laundry, many people often leave their clean clothes in the dryer since they do not want to clutter their room when folding their clothes. By having a space designated for laundry, the clothes can be folded and put away right after.

A Mudroom

A mudroom may not be the first functional storage in design idea one may think of, but it still is an extremely popular choice. A mudroom is generally a space that offers separation from the rest of the house and a place for you to leave your shoes, coats, or daily items when you return home. For that reason, it is a great add-on for those seeking an organized home because it can include built-ins that allow for storage of shoes, coats, and children’s’ school items. Also, dirt or
water is often tracked into the house when individuals leave and go to and from places. For this reason, having a mudroom is not only a good option to help with storage, but also overall cleanliness. Although there are many reasons people decide to complete a remodeling project, functional storage should also be a key component in your projects. During your next remodeling project, try thinking about optimizing kitchen storage space, having a designated laundry room, or even adding a mudroom. More storage within your home can really help to declutter and de-stress your life. If you are thinking about optimizing your home to include more functional storage ideas, consider reaching out to Baine Contracting, Inc. to help you make your own dream space.

By Shannon Johnstone at Baine Contracting, Inc.