Top 3 Kitchen Design Trends

It’s most likely not a surprise to anybody that kitchens are still generally the 1st space where many want to complete a design remodel. Kitchens have always been the main hub of a house, a common area for cooking together, while also naturally being the gathering spot for parties and family get-togethers. In recent years, people have become more creative with letting their design tastes and ideas flow more freely, leading to more popular trends that involve bright colors and fun patterns. In this blog, we’ll check out some of the fun kitchen trends that have been seen more frequently, such as utilizing bright colors on their cabinets, fun backsplash patterns, and adding unique gadgets throughout their kitchen space.

 Standout Cabinet Colors

Here at Baine Contracting, we love to see our clients come up with fun ideas that play with different colors throughout their design space since that is truly what makes every design project unique and special! In recent years, homeowners have become more confident with playing with color and as a result they are incorporating it more frequently throughout their projects. This confidence has led to the trend of having your cabinets be a pop of color in your kitchen that stands out against your countertops and flooring choices. Kitchen colors can range to anything from cooler coastal styles of bright royal blue cabinets with white countertops, to a more earthy style of dark green cabinets with black countertops. Customization options are truly endless throughout kitchens.

Fun and Unique Backsplashes

If you love creative patterns and fun designs, this new kitchen trend is perfect for your home. Similarly to people becoming more confident with different color designs compared to the typical neutral colors and traditional red wood cabinetry, backsplash styles are shifting as well. Choosing your backsplash is a great way to let your favorite styles shine through. Most popularly, many people pick “mermaid scale” tiles, as the name suggests, it looks like scales off a mermaid. Another popular choice is standard subway tiles, but they pick a unique color compared to the typical white. The customization doesn’t end there, you could also have tiles shaped like geometric shapes that create an overall picture.

Exclusive Gadgets

It’s true that a lot of kitchen trends lately involve experimenting with bright colors and fun unique patterns, but people have also grown to want more unique appliances or gadgets installed throughout their kitchens. Wine fridges or mini fridges have been a popular choice for people who love to entertain friends and family, as well as having a separate kitchen area designated to being a coffee bar. Most times, these gadget choices depend heavily on your general lifestyle since some products are more suitable for some than others.

Although there are many kitchen design ideas, it is important to pick the kitchen features and details that are the most important to you, and your own lifestyle. If you love bright colors and fun patterns but just never had the courage to leap to those designs, now is a great time to upgrade your kitchen to the next level based on all the current trend ideas! If you are thinking about remodeling your home, consider reaching out to Baine Contracting, Inc. to help you create your own dream kitchen.

By Shannon Johnstone at Baine Contracting, Inc.