Three Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Out of all the choices for what type of remodeling project to start, kitchen remodels are still the most popular option, with bathroom remodels still following closely behind. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since kitchens are often seen as being the centermost gathering space within a home, However, sometimes people want to update their kitchen without doing a full-scale “demo and replace everything” remodel, whether that is because they are on a budget, or they still like some elements of their kitchen. For that reason, in this blog post we are going to look at three easy ways to update your kitchen based on current remodeling projects.


A quick way to provide a fresh look to your kitchen is updating the painting throughout your space. Painting is always an underestimated interior design element, but it really is an interior remodel that has the power to change an entire room. Not only does painting the walls alternate a space, but there is the option for painting furnishings as well. For example, if your kitchen has cabinets that you strongly dislike because they are dated, or no longer trendy, sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to see them in a new light. This is a great option if you are on a budget, and don’t have the money to install all the brand-new cabinets.

Upgrading Appliances

Do your kitchen appliances not match? Are you tired of your refrigerator being partially broken by either not making ice, or producing water? These might seem like silly questions, but sometimes people will wait to replace their appliances until they are completely broken and then purchase new ones. Upgrading your kitchen appliances is an easy way to update your space to current trends and see the space in a new light! Most people prefer to have their refrigerator, stove, and microwave matching throughout the space, so everything flows. However, you do not have to have them matching. For example, if you utilize the stove and oven habitually for cooking, you might prefer a higher-end oven appliance than say needing to have a high-end microwave.


Natural light is always desired in any interior space; however, it is not always possible if windows are not freely available. For that reason, adding lighting fixtures throughout your kitchen is an easy way to upgrade your space to the next level. For example, a great way to update your kitchen without completing a large remodel is by adding a featured lighting piece above your kitchen table, or above your kitchen island. The lighting piece can be as small and simple, to as large and artistic as you desire it to be, the options for lighting are truly endless. If you have your kitchen sink in front of a window, another option is
to frame the window with a light fixture on either side of it.

Although there are many design ideas, sometimes it’s the small upgrades that can make a world of a difference in design remodeling projects. After painting your kitchen, upgrading your appliances, and adding new lighting, you would be amazed to see how much of a difference those little changes would make. If you are thinking about remodeling your home, consider reaching out to Baine Contracting, Inc. to help you create your own dream kitchen.

By Shannon Johnstone at Baine Contracting, Inc.