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3 Bathroom Trends Every Homeowner Should Consider

Sure, the bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in your home. But it’s also among the most important. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the most popular home renovation project in America, and for good reason. Fixtures like the sink, shower, tub, and toilet can get damaged, wear down over time, or simply become outdated. There are new trends and technologies in lighting, materials, vanities, walls, and flooring—all of which can increase the attractiveness and functionality of a bathroom.

If you’ve got bathroom renovations on your mind, here are three trends you should definitely consider.

1. Natural materials

Many homeowners are creating a more soothing, contemporary bathroom look with natural materials like wood, stone, slate, and pebbles. These materials are a logical fit for room that should make you feel clean and refreshed. The colors and textures of stone, wood, and metal are calming and complementary.
Consider creative accents like a trail of stones winding through your tile, or stone steps that sit among a small sea of pebbles. A seasoned home renovation specialist will also be able to use reclaimed wood as a wall covering, add a skylight to bring in sunlight, and perform number of other renovations using natural materials.

2. Focus on lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in bathroom design—and there are more options now than ever.

In terms of vanity lighting, homeowners traditionally go for a single light fixture over the mirror. A popular new idea involves two wall-mounted lights on either side of the mirror, which is more flattering, too. You can also install backlighting around the mirror, which isn’t functional but provides warm, soft lighting. A dimmer in your central ambient light offers flexibility in how bright the room will be. Toe-kick lighting under cabinets separates the cabinets visually from the floor and serves as a handy nightlight.

3. Smart storage

Plentiful, practical storage has become one of the benchmarks of a modern, functional bathroom. Take advantage of vertical space and add cabinets that go up the wall. If built-in cabinetry won’t work, your bathroom renovation specialist might suggest an antique wall or linen cabinet. Open shelving is also practical and popular; consider rolling your towels on your shelves for a more creative, put-together look.

For some different shapes, add a storage ladder, possibly in a different, fun color, in the corner. Freestanding pieces like this also allow you to frequently change up the design of your bathroom. Fill the ladder with containers and objects of different shapes to add more dimension to the space.

Is it time to re-think your bathroom?

There are plenty of options when it comes to renovating your bathroom. The best changes not only make the space more attractive but also improve its functionality. Natural materials are calming and timeless; lighting has a big impact on the look and atmosphere of your space; and smart storage increases the utility and visual appeal of the room. It’s hard to go wrong with these changes.

There are plenty of exciting, contemporary possibilities when it comes to your bathroom renovation plans. Finding a reputable contractor who can help refine your ideas is an important step.

Best of luck with your bathroom renovations, and please feel free to leave comments below!

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