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3 Common Mistakes with Built-In Storage

Whether you live in a four-bedroom home or a one-bedroom condo, the benefits of creative storage solutions are universal. Well-planned built-in storage can help keep your space stay clutter free and comfortable, for the enjoyment of you and your guests. That said, not all built-in storage is created equal. There are plenty of places where storage options can fall short of what you’re expecting if not done well. Here are three of the most common mistakes when it comes to built-in storage, and how to avoid them.

Shelves vs. Cabinets

While shelves and cabinets can both have a place in a well organized and stylish home, there are certain instances where one is definitely superior to the other. Despite recent trends to install shelves instead of cabinets in kitchens, this is one we don’t recommend. Closed cabinets in the kitchen keep your dishes and glassware from collecting a greasy film that comes from frequent cooking. Additionally, cabinets help keep your kitchen looking neat and orderly while open shelves can often lead to a cluttered feel. It’s best to save the shelving for a living room or office.

Inconvenient Access

Homeowners will always regret built-in storage that isn’t practical. One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to storage practicality is not taking into account how easy (or challenging) storage areas are to access. Take, for example, a built-in bench with storage below. While this type of storage often opens from above, this can be annoying to access if you have pillows, blankets, or a sleeping pet on the bench. Instead, consider under-bench storage that opens from the front as a cabinet, or as a pull out drawer. Even something as simple as which way a cabinet door will open can make a world of difference when it comes to practicality.

Not Subdividing Storage

Dividing your storage space is an easy way to prevent it from becoming a jumbled mess. Undivided storage spaces lend themselves to becoming a catch all space where you are quick to shove any item that you aren’t quite sure where it belongs. Subdivided storage spaces, on the other hand, lend themselves to smaller units of organization. You can line shelves with baskets or add hooks, making it easier for every item to have a designated place and ensuring order as opposed to chaos.

Finding a Qualified Home Renovation Contractor

If functional and thoughtful built-in storage is what you’re after, your best bet is to hire a contractor who has experience with this type of home renovation. Look online for reviews of home renovation experts in your area. When narrowing down your list of potential contractors, make sure to ask questions regarding specific experience with built-in storage. Finding the right person for the job will not only ensure whatever project you take on is well executed, but an experienced contractor will also be able to act as a consultant, giving you advice about what creative storage options make the most sense given your space and lifestyle.

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