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3 Exterior Renovations to Consider Right Now

Have you taken a look at the exterior of your home lately? Obviously the answer is yes – we see our homes from the outside every single day. But do we ever really look? If we did, we might begin to see possibilities for renovation that we hadn’t considered before. After all, the inside of the home isn’t the only place to do a quality renovation. We homeowners often get caught up with interiors and forget all the key ways in which the exteriors of our homes can be improved.

But before we get into specific exterior renovations that might be idea for your home, let’s stop and think about the reasons why most people renovate. First there are lifestyle benefits, which are more important for a lot of interior renovations. Kitchens and bathrooms are a great example. These areas are frequently used, and a fresh design can transform the experience of living in the home. Second, there are market value benefits. Whether or not you plan to sell your home in the near future, a lot of renovations (both interior and exterior) can increase the home’s market value and increase buyer appeal.

The following exterior renovations can give you different combinations of lifestyle and market value benefits, and are well worth considering for 2018.

1. Siding and trim

If you’re looking for a renovation that’s both structurally and aesthetically valuable, look no further than the siding and trim of your home. This is like your home’s outer “skin” that protects against the elements, and it’s one of the most overlooked renovations out there. New siding can totally transform the appearance of your home, adding to its market value and keeping it structurally strong in the process.

2. Windows and doors

The windows and doors of your home are probably the most underrated areas in terms of the curb appeal and overall appearance. They can also make a big difference to your heating and cooling bills. Old and drafty windows and doors are one of the most common things that hamper the efficiency of a home.

3. Decks and porches

What’s better than a new deck or porch for the spring, summer and fall months? Not only does this renovations give you valuable and functional square footage to use for everything from entertaining to exercising – it can also boost your curb appeal and market value.

Who to trust for your exterior renovations

Exterior home renovations are no ordinary investment. They usually involve a lot more money than your average purchase – and a lot more planning as well. For these reasons, it’s important to fund a contractor who is both trustworthy and highly reputable. There are far too many cases of homeowners who end up with frustrating and costly renovation experiences, all because they chose a disreputable or inexperienced renovator. But when you follow the trail of positive reviews and hire a contractor with an ironclad reputation, a huge number of potential problems will be solved before the renovation even begins – especially because your project will be backed by a written guarantee.

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