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3 Home Renovation Trends that Didn’t Last

Whether you’re talking about clothing, cars, toys or houses, trends are inevitable. And while some trends withstand the test of time, so many others fade away without a trace. When it comes to home renovations, how can you avoid falling for a trend that’s on its way out? A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of classic and functional renovations.

The three renovations listed below do not fall into the category of “classic and functional.” In fact, these renovations are past their prime, and should probably be avoided!

1. Oversized Kitchens

The past decade has left Americans captivated by the giant kitchens we see on Iron Chef and in celebrity homes. While there isn’t anything wrong with an over-the-top kitchen if it fits the space and the rest of the home, there are plenty of scenarios where mammoth kitchens just don’t fit. If you have the space and really need a professional grade oven, go for it. But if you’re just replicating what you’ve seen on TV, you’ll be in to regret it. Crowded kitchens with huge center islands and giant appliances are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

2. Three Car Garage

It isn’t uncommon today for families to have three cars. And oftentimes there’s a desire to house all of these cars in one garage. The result? Garage expansions. The downside of this, however, is that some garages look almost as large as the home itself — which throws off the visual balance of a home’s exterior. If you’re committed to a three car garage, consider a deeper garage that doesn’t look as big from the street. Many homeowners also build include a separate carport to accommodate the third vehicle.

3. Open Kitchen Shelving

For several years there was a growing trend of ditching kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving. Not only does the look create visual interest, but it’s much cheaper to install shelves than cabinets. Unfortunately, the trend is declining in popularity as people realize the functional problems it creates. Closed cabinets serve a purpose. They keep dishes and glassware clean. Open shelves often lead to filmy or dusty dishes!

Finding a Qualified Home Renovator

When it comes to home renovation trends, experienced experts have insight that the rest of us don’t have. Experienced home renovation contractors will have seen the cycle of trends that have passed though the market over the past few decades. They know what trends are likely to stick, and what’s just a passing fad.

Find an experienced contractor who can also provide guidance in making decisions. Make use of his or her expertise! Look for a contractor or contracting company with a long run of reputable service. It’s also worth seeking out a contractor who specializes in the specific job you want done, be it a major add-on or a bathroom remodel. With a solid contractor in charge of your project, you’re much less likely to fall for a trend that’s in today but will be out tomorrow.

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