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3 Things to Avoid When Working with Your Contractor

homevalueEach one of the items below will make it easier (or harder, if you don’t heed our advice) to get the remodeling or renovation job done on time and on budget. Together, they represent three pitfalls that homeowners should avoid, no matter the temptation. If you’ve done your homework by researching contractors and checking for references and testimonials then you can have some peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice and hired the right person for the job.Of course, you’ll need to track your project but these are three things you definitely want to avoid. Yes, it will make your contractor’s life easier, but more importantly, it will also make your life easier.

Don’t Live in the Home While Major Renovations are Being Done
We deal with this one a lot for the simple fact that people usually only have one home. It’s tough for families to temporarily relocate for a few months while they’re home is being renovated. If there’s no other place to go, then there may not be another option. However, we seen and heard all too often of the homeowner that has an available option to stay elsewhere while their home is being worked on, yet they insist on staying in the house.
Don’t Buy Your Own Materials
Unless you’re doing the work, don’t buy the materials on your own. Odds are you’ll get a price that’s not as favorable as the one your contractor can secure due to their existing relationships and the volume of their orders. In addition to cost issues, allowing your contractor to buy the materials not only ensures that the proper materials will be ordered the first time, it also bakes some accountability into the process. If something does go wrong with a materials order, where would you rather look for an answer – at your contractor or in the mirror?
Don’t Delay Decisions
Home remodeling and renovations are akin to a symphony. All the players have to come in at the right time and know their parts. Scheduling, timelines and potential delays can be an issue in any construction project due to various issues out the control of you or your contractor. Like a symphony, if the right thing doesn’t happen at the right time, then things can go askew. While working with your contractor, make sure you are aware of the work timeline and the decision timeline. Decisions that need to be made by the homeowner can impact the job’s timeline, subcontractors and work crews. And, of course, time in money so when things are delayed, costs inevitably rise. Your contractor should provide you with all the information necessary to make certain decisions but when it’s time to make a decision, don’t delay.

We hope this has been a helpful post reminding you of a few things to keep in mind when working with your contractor. Anytime work is being done on your home, it’s important that expectations, budget and timelines are appropriately set and monitored. If you’re considering work on your home and you’d like to discuss expectations, budgets and timelines with us, we hope you’ll contact us.

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