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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing New Floors

As a homeowner, do you ever get tired of all the choices you have to make? A great number of people will probably answer yes to this question. One of the most popular home renovation shows on TV right now involves couples who live in a house that has too many loose ends to tie up, and they’ve reached a point of frustration with it. Professionals come in and renovate their home, while others take them around to see other homes that don’t require renovation. At the end of the program, they have to decide whether to stay put in their renovate home, or put in on the market and move into something more ‘turnkey’.

The point is that homeowners can sometimes be daunted by all the choices they have to make. Flooring is one of those areas. You might like different types of flooring, and be afraid to commit to one particular type. Should we go with tile? What about natural hardwood or stone? Is carpet a good option? Could vinyl flooring strike the right balance?

These are good questions, and they deserve a fair amount of thought. If you’re in the midst of this decision, here are 3 things you’ll want to consider.

1. Your climate

Many people love carpet because it’s warm and cozy to walk around on during the cold winter months. You can even go barefoot and be warm, in many cases. Hardwood, tile, and other “hard” surfaces will not retain heat in the same way, unless you have under floor heating. You’ll see a lot more tile in perpetually warm climates, like Texas or California. In state like New Jersey, carpet is a popular option. But aesthetic appeal is often the factor that changes peoples’ minds in this respect.

2. Your design tastes

Personal taste is a huge deciding factor — nobody has to tell you that. But a lot of people haven’t fully considered how their taste in flooring could be matched to different materials. For example, there are now tile and vinyl options that closely mimic natural materials like wood and stone. This can be a great compromise for homeowners who want a great-looking floor at a lower price point.

3. Your budget

Obviously the amount of money you have to spend on flooring will be a deciding factor in your final choice. Natural hardwood, for example, is going to set you back more than vinyl or tile. Natural stone will be even more expensive. Vinyl and tile can be highly practical options, with great possibilities in design, and they come at a lower cost. Each type of flooring has different maintenance requirements, and different expectations in terms of lifespan.

4. Your contractor

This is perhaps the most important item on the list. Why? A good contractor isn’t just someone who perfectly executes your choice of flooring installation (although this is really, really important). The best home renovation companies are adept at giving you perspective. They want you to make the best possible decision in terms of your budget and tastes, and they have a lot of experience with different clients and different types of flooring.

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