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3 Things Dishonest Home Renovation Contractors Say

img_1453You’ve probably heard the saying that a person’s home is their palace, and for millions of proud homeowners, that’s exactly right. We work long hours for years on end to pay for our homes. Our capacity to maintain and upgrade our properties has a direct effect not only on quality of life, but on our long-term financial standing. When people invest in a home, they’re making an important life decision that has a huge long-term impact on their lives.

All of this point to one very important truth: When you think about renovating your home, whether it’s a relatively minor renovation or a full-scale upgrade, the results are extremely important. When multiple rooms are involved in the renovation, the average American spends between $15,000 and $50,000. Home renovation is a big investment with lasting effects, so for most of us, the stakes are high.

There’s no doubt that hiring a qualified home renovation company is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. A reputable company will steer you away from almost every common problem that plagues unsuccessful renovation projects. Unless you get lucky, a disreputable company will steer you directly into problems and headaches that could affect your home and family for years to come.

So how do you spot a dishonest contractor? There’s no substitute for careful research, talking to people you know, and reading online testimonials. You should also look out for contractors who say the following things:

We guarantee our workmanship.

This is nice to hear; everybody likes a guarantee. But if said guarantee is not also in writing, plaining visible in the contract you sign, it won’t have any legal weight. Only work with renovators offer written, legally binding guarantees. Such a promise means the renovator has ultimate confidence in their ability to deliver.

This is just a ballpark estimate.

It’s one thing to get a free consultation where a home renovator comes to your home and gives you an estimate on what your renovation would cost. It’s quite another when it comes down to agreeing on a price and signing a contract, and the contractor is still hedging his or her bets. A bid is a bid, and a price is a price. Expert renovators don’t want any doubt to exist in terms of the price. When the client and the contractor are not on the same page, it results in problems for everyone.

Please leave a message.

When you’re investing thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars into a home renovation project, should you really be greeted by voicemail every time you call? Should it be that difficult to get ahold of your contractor to clear up doubts and ask questions, given the size of this investment. No, it shouldn’t — and reputable companies don’t put their clients through that.

Finding an honest and reputable partner for your renovations

Home renovation is about realizing dreams, improving quality of life, increasing property value. These are hugely important goals, and should only be entrusted to experienced professionals with upstanding business practices. By knowing ahead of time what to look for what to avoid, you can protect yourself as a client and make sure your home renovation budget does everything it’s supposed to do.

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