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3 Ways to Make Your Renovation Project Go Smoothly

Have you embarked on a home renovation project during the last couple of years? If so, how was the experience? Do you remember it going smoothly and according to plan – or was it a nightmare that seemed like it would never end? Most renovation experiences are somewhere between these two extremes – but it’s safe to say there is a whole of unnecessary difficulty in renovation projects. How can you make your renovations go more smoothly? Here are three easy ways.

1. Spend more time on planning

One of the most common reasons for renovation problems and frustrations is that someone rushed through the planning process. Home renovation is exciting, and it’s understandable that people want to dive right in. But if you don’t take the time to plan your project carefully, it will come back to bite you in the end. “Measure twice, cut once” is a common saying in construction. For a home renovation, this saying could be modified to say, “plan twice, renovate once.” When plans aren’t meticulous and detailed, problems have to be solved on the fly. This leads to delays, mistakes, and constant trips to the hardware store – not good for keeping your renovation project on track!

2. Allow for mistakes and delays

Many homeowners who undertake their own renovation projects often make the mistake of buying the exact quantity of building materials (e.g. floor tile) to complete their design, and expecting the project to require the minimum amount of time. This approach almost always leaves people frustrated and running behind. There are always breaks and mishaps during a renovation process, and most experts recommend buying 10-20% more materials than you think you’ll need (depending on the material). Adding a few days or weeks onto your scheduling estimate is also a good idea. If you’re working with a professional, however, you can leave all of these things up to them and expect your project to be finished according to the set schedule.

3. Hire an upstanding and skilled contractor

Nothing has such a profound effect on the renovation experience as the contractor you choose. When you hire a professional who has years of experience, a strong business sense, and high review scores on social media web sites, there’s an excellent chance that your entire renovation process will go smoothly. This includes initial contact, discussing your project, planning, scheduling, and the renovation process itself. Remember – a truly positive client experience involves more than just the final result!

Conquering your home renovation challenges

Every renovation project is different, whether it’s a smaller project like new entryways and windows, or a bigger project like attic conversions or bump-outs. Don’t assume that your renovation has to be difficult, frustrating, delayed, and costly. These are commonly the results of poor project planning. As long as you take your time and plan your renovation with extreme care, you’ll avoid most of the common renovation pitfalls. You’ll come through with a great final result, but also an efficient and predictable process from beginning to end.

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