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3 Ways to Transform Your Backyard for the Better

We’ve reached the halfway point of the summer, and the days are technically getting shorter – but who’s paying attention to that? The weather is warm, our favorite summer activities are in full swing, and the cold winter months are still a long way off. Meanwhile, countless home renovation projects are there for the taking.

And since the weather is warm and the sunshine is abundant, people often turn their attention to exterior home renovation projects – not only because it’s nice to work outside this time of year, but also because it’s nice to relax and entertain this time of year. A well-built backyard renovation can definitely enhance your enjoyment of the warm summer weather.

You probably have a few ideas of your own, but just in case, here are three great ways to transform your backyard for the better.

1. New siding

A lot of people don’t think of siding as a “backyard” renovation – but the fact is, new siding beautifies and protects all four sides of your home. It’s one of the best exterior renovations you can do, since it represents a vital structural upgrade as well as a valuable cosmetic improvement.

2. An outdoor shower

Showering outside (with privacy, of course) is a great luxury, especially during those hot summer days. If you work outside a lot, or if you have a backyard swimming pool or spa, outdoor showers can be incredibly useful. It’s also a relatively inexpensive and quick project. Professionals can do it quickly and affordably – or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can try your hand at installing an outdoor shower yourself.

3. A new deck or porch

If you’re considering a new deck or porch for your backyard, you’ve probably already looked at the average costs. Depending on the design and materials you choose, the final cost of a project like this can vary greatly – most homeowners are surprised, however, when they find out just how affordable a professionally installed backyard deck or porch can be. The trick is to think carefully about how you’re going to use your new deck or porch, and how it will affect the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home. Then you can move forward with confidence, and enjoy the great benefits of your new backyard amenity.

Who should perform your backyard renovations?

In this day and age, there’s a strong argument for DIY projects – especially small and relatively simple tasks. As the cost and the level of difficulty go up, the argument for hiring a professional home renovator grows stronger. If and when you decide to contact a professional, there are a couple of important things to look for. Clear and simple pricing structures are one thing. A reputable contractor should be able to make an accurate bid, and break it down for you based on materials, labor, and any other cost consideration. Online reviews and community reputation are other important indicators of a quality home renovator.

Whatever approach you choose for your backyard renovation project this summer, we hope it’s a complete success!

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