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4 Bathroom Trends That Are Here To Stay

As the summer renovation season winds down, people all over the country are cleaning up the debris and enjoying the fruits of their labor. At the same time, home renovation is a year-round business. Even in areas with cold winters ahead, interior renovation projects are still being planned. Bathroom projects are a perfect example. Aside from kitchen makeovers, bathroom renovations are among the most popular projects – and a lot of people want to get their bathrooms updated in time for winter.

The problem is, there are so many bathroom renovation trends that come and go. What’s trending right now may be old news next year, as people move on to the next big thing. Instead of following the ebb and flow of fleeting fads, why not find bathroom renovations that are timeless, and will remain stylish and valuable for many years to come? If you’ve been wondering where the smart money is in terms of bathroom renovations, let’s take a look at four bathroom “trends” that are here to stay.

1. Quality fixtures

When it comes to choosing fixtures for your bathroom, there is a lot of product on the market that looks good, but really isn’t high quality. Investing in quality bathroom fixtures is worth it when you consider the amount of use those fixtures are going to get. Why take the trouble renovate other aspects of your bathroom if you aren’t going to choose high quality fixtures to finish off the design?

2. Plenty of counter space

It’s luxurious to have an abundance of counter space in your bathroom. Double sinks and double mirrors take it even further. Most people have had the experience of having a bathroom at home with insufficient counter space, and this leads to poor organization and a feeling of being cramped in a tight space. Designing your new or renovated bathroom with ample counter space is a move that will be appreciated for decades to come.

3. Savvy storage options

For no small number of people, a critical lack of storage has made it difficult to be organized in the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets and closets have come a long way, but generally speaking, the basic tenants of good bathroom storage are always the same: simple, elegant, and abundant.

4. Walk in showers

There has been a lot of discussion about walk in showers lately, and it’s true that greater numbers of people are going this route. Ideally, every home should have at least one tub. In some cases, if you have the space, a single bathroom can have both a tub and a separate walk-in shower stall. Now that’s timeless!

It’s all about the quality of the work!

You can make all the right decisions for your bathroom renovation and still end up in a bad situation. The reason? Not all home renovation companies have the same level of professional acumen or skill. On top of that, some renovators are less scrupulous and trustworthy than others. Getting the right professional in your corner is the key to making your bathroom renovations a success, regardless of the designs or amenities you choose.

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