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4 Great Spots in Your Home for Specialty Trim

Specialty trim is one of those things that many homeowners simply don’t consider, either because they think it’s too expensive or because they’re unaware of how it could enhance the look and feel of their home. But if you look at what’s trendy in home renovation right now, you’ll find that specialty trim is surging in popularity. The aesthetic value it gives to a room (or to a home’s exterior, as we’ll discuss shortly) just can’t be matched by any other method.

To get the conversation rolling, here are four great areas of your home where custom or specialty trim can make a difference:


Nothing completes a fireplace like a custom-built mantel – and no mantel is complete without specialty trim! This is what gives the mantel its panache and character. This is what make it stand out, and provides a visual focal point for the entire room. Your fireplace may or may not be in use – but either way, a mantel with specialty trim can make it an attractive and valuable feature that everyone will appreciate.


Have you ever dreamt of having your own built-in or walk-in wardrobe? Maybe you’re lucky enough to already have such a wardrobe – but if it doesn’t have specialty trim, it probably doesn’t look as classy and sophisticated as it could. A wardrobe like this is already a special luxury. Why not make it all the more special by using professionally installed, high quality trim to make it stand out?


Coffered ceilings are a kind of specialty trim that has really taken off in recent years. You see it everywhere in home renovation magazines and TV shows – and there’s a good reason for that. Adding custom trim around your ceilings can give the room an entirely new dimension. It’s also a great opportunity to express your unique personal taste and style in home renovation.


If you’ve never considered specialty trim as a part of your home’s custom exterior, you might want to check out what other homeowners are doing! Specialty trim is a fantasti way to bring the exterior of your home to life, and there are countless designs to choose from. You’ll feel good every time you look at your home from the outside – and other people will too! Renovations like this tend to increase buyer appeal, even if the market value of the home doesn’t change all that much.

Who’s doing your specialty trim?

There are areas of home renovation that don’t require a great deal of skill and precision. Specialty trim is definitely not one of those areas! This is a project that requires the utmost care, the best tools, and the finest craftsmanship. In other words, homeowners should only entrust specialty trim projects to experienced and qualified renovators who have proven their ability to delivery high quality trim in a variety of settings. This is how you ensure that you get a quality result and an exceptional return on your investment. Look for contractors with an established reputation in specialty trim and ask about your options – you may be surprised at how affordable specialty trim can be!

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