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4 Places in the Home to Consider Tile Floors and Accents

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, tile might very well be the material that provides the best combination of aesthetic appeal and pure functionality. With everything from ceramic to porcelain to granite, and from neutral solids to bold colors and designs, the options for tile floors and accents are essentially limitless. Not sure where and how to add a tiled update to your home? Here are some popular ideas.

1. Bathrooms

Without a doubt, the most common place where homeowners make use of tile floors and accents is in the bathroom. If you’re looking to update the look of your bathroom, consider adding some tile detailing to add interest or change the look of your space. A mosaic on the floor or tile accents in the shower are a great way to add a pop of color or make your bathroom feel more unique. A home renovation specialist with bathroom remodel experience can provide you with popular options at any price range.

2. Entryways

Tile floors are a great option for an entryway or mudroom because they are durable and easier to clean than wood or carpeting. Consider ceramic tile or a color that complements your hardwood floors in the next room. Make sure to think about durability when it comes to entryway tiles as this is a part of your home that tends to get a lot of foot traffic with shoes on.

3. Backsplashes

Tiled backsplashes are a win both visually and functionally. This is a great low-stakes way to add some color or personality to your kitchen, or to add a sophisticated look without spending too much. Depending on the layout of your kitchen and your budget, a tiled backsplash can be installed just behind the stovetop or sink, or it can extend around the entirety of your countertops. Make sure to choose a material and finish that’s easy to wipe clean.

4. Transition Spaces

Whether it’s a foyer, a hallway, or a living room that opens to an outdoor space, transition areas are great places to install tile floors in order to create a subtle visual distinction between the different spaces in your home. Depending on your style you can keep these spaces simple with a solid color and matte finish, or opt for something a little more special like a geometric print.

Finding a Home Renovation Specialist for Tile Installation

Tile installation is one project where you definitely want to enlist a professional’s help. Even a small job can require more skill and specialized knowledge than one might imagine. Save your DIY instincts for another project and leave this one to the professionals.

Look online for a home renovation specialist who has experience with choosing and laying tiles. Before you pick one, ask for references to hear firsthand from customers who have worked with a given specialist before. An experienced and trusted professional will not only be able to provide sound advice, but will also provide you with an optimal finished product.

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