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5 Bathroom Remodeling Blunders to Avoid

Investing in bathroom renovations is an exciting prospect, but also a challenging one. After all, this type of work doesn’t come cheap. It represents a real investment, and you want to make sure your returns are strong in terms of functionality, enjoyment, and your home’s market value.

So why is a bathroom renovation project such nerve-wracking prospect? One big reason is that homeowners want to make sure things are done right. You’ve probably heard stories—whether from friends or online—about professional renovation projects that didn’t go very well. In fact, some of them sound like a lot more trouble than they’re worth.

How do you avoid becoming one of these unhappy stories? For starters, check out this list of bathroom remodeling blunders typically made by homeowners and contractors. By making an effort to steer clear of these common errors, you’ll set your bathroom renovation project up for success.

Not choosing a reputable contractor

If you decide the DIY route is over your head for a particular project, the single most important thing you can do is research your local contractors carefully—and know what to look for—before you make a decision. Look for experienced bathroom renovation contractor with a strong record of positive client feedback. A physical business address, support staff, and clear fee structures. Written guarantees are also a must when it comes time to sign a contract.

When professionals are involved, most bathroom renovation blunders are on their shoulders. You should be able to find a contractor that will do things right, exactly as planned, on time and according to budget. And if something goes wrong, you should be able to count on them to make it right.

Demolishing too soon

Too many homeowners begin bathroom demolition work before they have a clear strategy for what they’re going to do. This can be a costly strategy, especially if you don’t have much experience with bathroom remodeling. You could end up demolishing more than you have to, or damage areas of the bathroom you’ll actually need. In these cases, professionals are often called in to “save” the project—but this can be costly.

Trying to stretch the budget too much

Statistically, homeowners are more likely to be pleased with their bathroom renovation efforts when they do a few things very well, as opposed to trying to stretch a budget into more renovation work than the budget can support. Being realistic about budget, and putting your bathroom renovation dollars into a few quality improvements, is a much better strategy than stretching a budget and cutting corners, whether you’re going the DIY route or hiring a professional bathroom remodeler.

Smooth sailing for your bathroom remodeling project

Don’t think you’re alone in your bathroom remodeling efforts. There is plenty of valuable information out there to help you make the best possible decisions, every step of the way. Finding a qualified, reputable contractor is (of course) one of the more important parts of this process. When you have an excellent contractor on your side, all of the essential aspects of your project—workmanship, materials, scheduling and budgeting—will fall more easily into place.

Best of luck in your bathroom remodeling projects, and thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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