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5 Common Myths About Home Renovation

Home renovation is becoming more and more important as a way for people to improve their living spaces, achieve a better quality of life, and invest in the future. The constant stream of TV shows and blogs about home improvement is proof that Americans are more excited than ever about unique home renovation projects.

But as more cash changes hands, and people ramp up their renovation plans, it becomes more important to talk about common myths that can end up causing stress and costing money. No home renovation project is perfect, but it’s certainly possible to avoid major problems if we do a better job understanding popular misconceptions.

1. Kitchens and bathrooms are always the best projects

These are obviously two of the most popular renovation projects for a reason. A renovated kitchen or bathroom can truly improve the lifestyle you’re able to lead at home. In some cases they can add market value, and at the very least, they make your home more appealing to the real estate market.

2. DIY always saves money

The urge to go DIY on your renovation projects is understandable, especially given the huge amount of instructional material out there. People are able to buy DIY renovation kits at home goods stores, and use the Internet for detailed demonstrations on how to perform basically every aspect of home renovation — or so it seems. The fact is, there are no shortcuts to expertise, and experience can be a tough teacher. A lot of DIY projects end up costing more than professional work — which may still be worth it to you, if you really want the satisfaction of doing the project yourself. Otherwise, professional work is typically a safer investment for many projects.

3. The latest trends are always worth following

Home renovations are constantly changing, and people are always trying new things. There are magazines, TV shows, blogs, and entire web sites dedicated to showing off the latest trends in the industry. The problem is, so many of these trends are nothing but a “flash in the pan” — they look great and exciting today, but by next year, those trends have been abandoned for others. Meanwhile, you’ve put real money into realizing those renovations — which are now out of date.

4. Any home renovation company will do

When you choose a home renovation company to make your dreams a reality, you’re setting wheels in motion that will determine your final result. The best home renovation companies out there will always deliver where it counts and guarantee their work. But they’ll also come through in terms of service, timing, communication, and overall value. Advice is also something you need from your home renovator — you need someone who is just as invested in your project as you are.

Finding the right company for your home reno work

If you research the options in your area carefully, and pay close attention to the written reviews of past clients, you have a better chance of getting a result you can be proud of!

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