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5 Great Uses for Reclaimed Wood

If you’ve been following home renovation trends at all during the past few years, you already know that reclaimed wood has quickly become a very hot item. In fact, the price of quality reclaimed wood has skyrocketed since the material has become more popular on the home renovation scene.

A lot of people think this is a strange development. It wasn’t long ago when the idea of using recycled wood for a home renovation would seem like a way to save cash and lower the budget – not because it’s actually better than new wood.

But tastes and styles have changed a lot in recent years – and it can’t be denied that reclaimed wood can look stunning in many home renovations. The character of the wood is highly visible, and it has that pleasing “worn” aspect that looks amazing when juxtaposed with clean, new renovation materials.

1. Walls

Depending on the appearance of reclaimed wood, it might be entirely too much to built all of the walls in a room with that material. But a single wall of reclaimed wood, offset by clean and neutral tones for the other three walls, can create a visual effect that is absolutely stunning.

2. Tables

Tables of high quality reclaimed wood are absolutely gorgeous, and provide an amazing centerpiece for dining and family rooms. It may be difficult to find the exact type of reclaimed wood you want for your table, and most people end up choosing from tables that have already been made. Talking to a local carpenter might give you more options.

3. Doors

Your home’s entryway is an underrated aspect of its appearance and functionality. If a door can be made out of high quality reclaimed wood and fitted by a renovation professional, you could have an entryway that really gets people talking.

4. Flooring

A lot of people don’t realize that flooring can be built out of reclaimed wood. But wouldn’t the result look similar to an old, worn floor? Why would anybody want this? Take a look at some examples of high quality reclaimed floors and you’ll see exactly why more homeowners are looking at this option!

5. Headboards

If you look at pictures of quality headboards made of reclaimed woods, you might be surprised. They give a warm and dynamic yet stately feel to the entire room, and a headboard made of reclaimed wood is unlike any other in the world.

A home renovation specialist who gives you the best advice

If you’re thinking about working with reclaimed wood as a part of your upcoming renovation project, getting quality information from a trustworthy professional is a solid first step. They may have insights about reclaimed wood, and even sources for procuring quality reclaimed wood, that you might not have considered. They’ll also be able to finish your renovation work to the highest possible standard, no matter what building materials you use. Trends come and go, and it looks like reclaimed wood will be a trend that lasts a long time. What doesn’t change is the need for quality home renovation professionals who put your needs first.

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