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5 Key Considerations Before You Remodel a Kitchen

Congratulations if you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen this year! It’s a big job, but one that can have tremendous payoffs both in terms the enjoyment of your home and its value on the market. Make the job as painless as possible by doing some pre-planning and taking the following 5 decisions into consideration before you begin.

1. Appliances

Your first step should be in deciding if you’ll keep your current appliances, or if you want to replace them with new ones. If you decide to go with new appliances, make sure you know the dimensions of your current ones — and pay close attention to the space you have available. Don’t assume all ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators or microwaves are the same size! Purchasing larger appliances than you currently have may necessitate making adjustments to your cabinets or counters that you weren’t originally planning on.

2. Placement

Apart from choosing which appliances you want, give careful thought to where you want to put them. If you’re dead set on moving around the layout of your kitchen, go for it — but know that moving things around will make a kitchen remodel costlier. You can save yourself some money by leaving things in the same place because plumbing, gas, and electric hookups won’t need to be rerouted.

3. Home value

If there is any chance you’ll sell your home down the road, it’s worth considering what affect your remodel could have on your home’s value. In general, a well done kitchen renovation can boost value, especially if your current kitchen is out-of-date. To get the most bang for your buck, avoid highly stylized kitchen trends and go with a more classic finish. Additionally, unless you’re a chef yourself and demand the best of the best, restaurant quality appliances typically won’t get you a higher return when it comes to reselling your home.

4. Budget

Know your budget before you begin. It can be easy to talk yourself into a few splurges here and there when remodeling a kitchen and before you know it you are way over the budget you originally set. Your best bet here is to find a reputable kitchen renovation specialist who can sit down with you through the planning process and ensure that you aren’t forgetting about any expenses that will put you over budget.

5. The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the path between the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove. These are the most commonly traveled routes in the kitchen, so you want to make sure that your layout facilitates getting between these three points. An island is a popular option to space out the kitchen triangle without eating up valuable counter space.

Finding a Qualified Kitchen Specialist

Kitchen remodeling takes time, money and a bit of hassle — but if the job is well done, it’s worth the trouble! So how can you make sure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible? Hire a qualified and reputable kitchen specialist for the job. In narrowing down your options, feel free to ask a contractor for references or a portfolio of similar jobs he or she has completed. Make sure to have a vision for your plan so that prospective contractors can give you an estimate about how much time your remodel will take and what it will cost. With a qualified specialist at the wheel, you and your family will be enjoying your new kitchen in no time.

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