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5 New Gutter Ideas to Consider Before You Install New Gutters

You may opt to invest in a new gutter system if your gutters are leaky, rusty or bent out of shape. Although installing new gutters may seem like an easy job to do, there are a few important things to keep in mind before starting the project. Gutters fulfill an essential role of directing rainwater away from your roof, thus keeping your home in good condition. As a result, they prevent water damage along the foundation while protecting your landscape from heavy drip edge flows. This article discusses five new gutter ideas to consider before you install new gutters.

  1. The Best Gutter Alternatives

Homeowners are presented with two different alternatives when it comes to installing new gutters; a seamless gutter, and a sectional gutter. A seamless gutter is a type of gutter that can only be installed by a professional. The second alternative is usually purchased from a local store and comes in sections based on your square footage. Both types have their own benefits and downsides. Seamless gutters do not have joints, which makes it difficult for them to develop leaks. The major downside with sectional gutters is that they can easily develop leaks from the joints when they are not connected properly.

  1. Choose the Right Gutter Sizing

The capacity of your gutter system is influenced by the downpour factor. Some of the important factors to consider when selecting new gutters include downspouts, size of gutters, area to be drained, the slope of the roof, and the appearance. Homes with multiple roof lines may have difficulties selecting the appropriate gutter sizing. This also depends on the various degrees of multiple gables and pitch. However, the difficulty in this plan can be eliminated by factoring in the potential for heavy downpours and scaling the system based on the served square footage.

  1. Select Appropriate Gutter Material

Although steel is theoretically the strongest metal when it comes to the choice of gutter material, it is prone to rust no matter what you do. The most interesting feature of aluminum and copper is that they do not rust easily and are highly durable. Plastic is another option that can be used for gutters but can be damaged by heavy downpour or branches that may fall on the roof. A good installation and little maintenance will ensure that your aluminum and copper gutters last for decades. In addition, you can easily find a workable match for your home since aluminum and copper gutters come in a wide range of colors.

  1. Save Water for Gardening or Patio Pond

One of the best practical rain gutter ideas is to direct water to your backyard garden or patio ponds.  This idea reduces your water costs during the rainy season. You can harvest rainwater by installing a downspout that is connected to a drum. The drum can be custom designed to channel the water to your garden without the need for replacing the drums every time they get full. You can also redirect rainwater from a separate downspout to a patio pond and another to your water drums. However, your pond water has to be deep enough to accommodate the rainwater. The rainwater can always be redirected towards areas that require more water.

  1. Add a Protective Plant Frame

Downspouts need to look attractive and stylish. Before installing your new gutters, you can cover the front wall downspout using a protective plant frame. Although other homeowners choose to install a stone or wood façade, it is often an expensive and laborious procedure. A protective stainless steel frame can be used for front wall downspouts, where you can grow hanging plants. Vines are a good example of hanging plants that give a natural appeal to the downspout. Protective plant frames not only create a good appeal but also ensure rainwater does not go to waste.

Rain gutters can last for decades with effective installation and good maintenance. They not only help you reduce water usage and utility costs but also add aesthetic value to your home. The best way to ensure that your rain gutters serve you for the longest period is to select an appropriate gutter alternative, material, and sizing. Investing in an adequate gutter system also has the added advantage of increasing your home’s overall value as it increases the functionality and appeal of your house. A good gutter system along with periodic maintenance can keep your house safe from erosion, wood rot, pest infestation and most importantly, foundation problems.

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