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5 Places to Install Wainscoting to Enhance both Fashion and Function in a Room

Wainscoting is wood paneling that is installed at the lower wall sections of a room. It is a type of wall treatment where hardwood strips, plastic panels, and wood boards are installed using nails or glue. Although some people use wainscoting to enhance functionality, others use it to add texture to a room and may even extend the design up to eight feet. The top coating of wainscot is capped by molding to protect it from scratch or damage by the existing furniture and items in a room.

The use of wainscoting has become increasingly popular in recent times because of the level of sophistication it can add to a room. Although other people may find it quite costly to install, the transformation it can have in your home is awe-inspiring. This article looks into five places to install wainscoting to enhance both fashion and function in a room.

  1. Dining Rooms

Wainscoting seems to be a perfect match for dining rooms since you can choose to stain or paint them to blend in with the rest of your décor. It is important to know what you will do with the rest of your wall after you have installed the wainscot in your dining room. While some owners may install wallpaper up their wall, others choose to paint their walls with the existing color theme to make the place feel whole. You also need to install special lighting to allow you and your family have an enjoyable meal. Choose one that you can dim or brighten to highlight the wainscoting design while controlling the atmosphere in the room.

  1. Entryways

Mudrooms and entryways experience many activities since they are places where we leave our wet umbrellas, backpacks, and boots when we arrive home. Wainscoting is one of the best ways to give a good first impression to anyone visiting your home for the first time. Whether you want to create an orderly place to greet guests or handle backpacks and boots left along the entryways, you can always try different styles of wainscoting to blend in with your current theme.

  1. Stairs and Hallways

The walls in these narrow passages are prone to scratches and marks left by items being carried or dragged up and down the stairs. Wainscoting protects the walls from dents or marks that may arise due to frequent traffic in the hallways. It is usually installed horizontally along the lower portion of the stairway or hallway creating an elegant armor for your walls. Panel molding works great for hallways because of their great sophistication and quality of depth.

  1. Kids’ Rooms

Your kids’ rooms are prone to damage because of their playful nature and hyperactivity. Wainscot could be personalized with cushion pads to make them child-friendly and more secure. You can install a wainscot with bead board texture that makes the seams invisible when lined together by the walls. The upper walls in a girl’s room can be painted pink while the lower walls clad in wainscoting. For boys’ rooms, consider gray and blue colors blended with other types of furniture and decorations in the space.

  1. Bathrooms

Shadow boxes are a type of wainscoting that is commonly installed in bathrooms. It is comprised of painted or stained trim pieces with a series of horizontal boxes along the lower section of a wall. It can be lined with the cabinets to complement the existing décor while creating a continuous theme. A recessed panel wainscot made from warp-resistant wood helps protect the drywall from water damage.

Why use wainscot?

Wainscot is not only used for decoration but also for functionality. It has been used in the lower section of walls for the past centuries to protect them against minor flooding and dampness. From a decorative standpoint, wainscoting looks great on a wall, as it gives you an opportunity to use two different colors in a room. Upsetting the norm involves trying something different such as choosing unconventional materials for your wainscot. Most wainscots are painted white because it looks great when paired with the color on your upper walls.

Wainscoting is a great way of adding character and texture to any room. You can always choose from the endless designs available since it can be customized to suit your individual preferences and current lifestyle. Other homeowners choose to install wainscoting because it adds value to their home and guarantees higher returns on investment in the real estate market.

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