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5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Shower for this Upcoming Summer

An outdoor shower makes a great addition to any home especially if you have a large backyard. It is an artistic and functional yard feature that provides a convenient place to clean off during summer. It is possible to incorporate an outdoor shower in the overall plan for the exterior of your home. There is something ultra-refreshing about showering under the summer sun or the starry night sky. If you are a dog owner, a parent or a homeowner with a pool, you will find outdoor showers an excellent plumbing fixture that simplifies your current lifestyle. This article looks into five reasons why you should install an outdoor shower for this upcoming summer.

  1. It Prevents Mucking up Your Home

Outdoor projects and gardening are messy because they always deal with dirt. Because of this reason, it is much easier to rinse off outside to prevent excess grime from filling up your bathroom floor and walls. Clothes with dirt can also be washed off and left to dry outside to avoid a trail of water drops into your house. If you have children, an outdoor shower may come in handy during cleanup time. Instead of wrangling a dirty, muddy and wet child through the house to the bathroom, you can always have them shower outside to avoid creating a mess inside your house.

  1. It doubles up as Changing Area

If you own a hot tub or a pool in your backyard, you can make the experience of getting in and out much easier by adding an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower gives you the opportunity to clean up and dress with privacy without dragging wet feet into the house. You will not have to drip water through the house when you can rinse off, dry and change in the comfort of your own outdoor shower.  Apart from positioning your shower in a shady or secluded area, you can also install a room divider to add more privacy to your outdoor shower.

  1. Allows You to Cool Off on a Hot Day

Another reason to install an outdoor shower this upcoming summer is that it helps you cool off on a hot day. It provides an effective way to clean off and cool down at the same time, especially if your house does not have air conditioning. Taking a cold shower in the outdoors will give you a refreshed feeling if you have been trapped indoors the whole day. It is important to install your outdoor shower in a shady spot so that it can provide cover when the heat is unbearable.

  1. It Acts as an Alternative

An outdoor shower can come in handy if your house gets filled with summer guests. Instead of everyone queuing for limited space in the bathroom, they can comfortably shower outside without interfering with your indoor activities. Some of your guests might even prefer an outdoor shower to your indoor bathroom as it allows them to cool off during hot summer days. It also allows people to connect with the beauty of nature because it provides a perfect scene to de-stress. Most people find an outdoor shower to be more of an adventure than a routine.

  1. It Gives You a Resort-Like Experience at Home

Your own outdoor shower can give a feeling of a tropical vacation in your home especially when it is completed with an oversized rain shower head. A stack of fluffy white towels nearby with a few fancy bath products are enough to ramp up the vibe of a resort. Because of this reason, an outdoor shower makes an everyday routine feel extra special. There is no reason not to use an outdoor shower for daily cleanse during summer as long as it is private enough. After an evening run, it is much easier to shower outside where the breeze will cool you off quicker. All you have to do is set out a change of clothes and towels ahead of time.

An outdoor shower can transform your current lifestyle, especially during the hot summer months when the heat is unbearable. Your outdoor shower needs to be built according to your style and preferences to create a focal point in your backyard. Whether you want it to stand out from your garden or blend with the rest of your compound, you need to make good use of different colors and materials that will deliver a desirable outcome. Whether you choose simple or elegant styles, there is nothing as free and relaxing as enjoying a cool shower in the hot summer.

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