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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Home Renovation During Your Summer Vacation

Renovating your home during summer is one of the best ways you can give new life to your existing living space. Many homeowners may be hesitant to schedule renovations for the summer because it is when people enjoy their vacations and spend time with their family. Turning your home into a construction zone may seem uncomfortable especially if your kids are just out of school and you do not want their play activities to be impacted by the ongoing renovations. Although people may differ in their opinions, there are many benefits of renovating your home during summer. Here top five reasons to schedule for home renovation during your summer vacation.

  1. Ideal Weather Conditions

The warm sunny weather allows contractors to work more efficiently. Renovating your home during summer means that the project will be completed within a short period because of fewer weather delays. It also allows more time for outdoor structures to dry out completely. For instance, staining your deck during winter may not be a good idea because the rain and snow may interfere with the surface being worked on. The ideal weather conditions during summer make it possible to carry out renovations on your outdoor structures, without any interference from heavy rains or snow.

  1. Enough Time to Enjoy Outdoor Additions

If you have been thinking about adding an outdoor pool, kitchen or deck, you will have plenty of time to enjoy these additions before the cold weather kicks in. Since there are ideal weather conditions in summer, it is easier to set up these outdoor structures in time. This means that you will be able to spend quality time with your friends and family in the outdoors as soon as the renovations are complete. If you are worried about winter, summer will definitely be the right time to prepare for the cold season by installing features that will keep you comfortable all year round. For example, you can design your deck with wall covers to protect you from cold, rain, snow, and bugs that may be a bother during the cold months.

  1. Low Renovation Costs

Scheduling your home renovation during summer vacation may land you great deals on the supplies needed for the project. Furthermore, contractors usually charge you according to the amount of time they will be working on your renovations. This means that the costs associated with the project are likely to increase if they encounter weather-related delays such as snow or rain. Renovating during summer makes it easier for contractors to complete your project within a short period. Not only will they finish the renovations in time but they also deliver high-quality work during summer months compared to rainy seasons.

  1. Contractor Availability

Since homeowners will be returning from their vacations during fall, many contractors are typically booked up at this time, making it difficult to secure a discounted rate. This implies that you will spend more money to hire a contractor when their demand is high compared to when they are off-season. Most contractors are often available during summer because it is a time when many people tend to go for vacations or spend time with their family and friends. When you renovate your home during this time, you are sure to get a discounted rate and the project will be completed within a short time. However, it is important to note that contractor availability may vary from one region to another due to the differences in weather and supply demands.

  1. Take Advantage of the Selling Season

If you were planning to sell your home during the fall season, this might be a great opportunity for you to renovate your home. Since summer months have the ideal weather conditions for renovation, you will enjoy the discounted rates offered by contractors since they will be readily available. Furthermore, you will spend less money when carrying out renovations during summer because of the best deals offered by suppliers and the project will be completed within a short period. Since contractors are able to deliver high-quality work during summer, your home will be ready for sale at a higher price value on the real estate market.

Instead of waiting for the busiest times of the year, it is important to schedule your home renovation during summer to take advantage of the great opportunities available. Not only will you enjoy a higher quality work but you will also benefit from a discounted rate, availability of contractors, and the short time needed for completion of the renovation project.

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