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5 Ways to Create an Open the Floor Plan in Your Home

An open floor plan is meant to provide a view of every corner of your home when standing in one place. The most interesting part about this plan is that it gives you endless opportunities to get creative with your home d├ęcor. This means that you can combine different rooms into a large multipurpose space, section off cozy corners and create distinct areas.

Getting creative with your open floor plan revolves around your furniture arrangements and using different colors that suit your style and preferences. Here are 5 ways to create an open floor plan in your home if you want to master your space and make it more inviting.

1. Guide Your Layout Plan

It can be quite challenging to determine where to place your couch or dining room table when you have an open floor plan in your home. However, it is possible to guide your layout plans using the existing structure to enhance the functionality of your space. Generally, the living room or workspace is considered one of the most flexible areas in the house and a dining table usually goes near the kitchen.

The bedroom area is positioned at the farthest end of the house away from everything else. All these units need to be arranged in a pattern that determines how a person can move from one place to another. Control the focus at the entrance by arranging your living room furniture to face the direction most people prefer. Creating a unique entrance area can be accomplished using items such as a bench and coat rack or screen dividers that block the immediate view of non-aesthetic but functional areas.

2. Decorations and Spacing

The concept of planning your open floor layout may seem easy but there are many ways to mess things up. First, you need to consider the amount of spacing created for each room. Cramming in as much furniture as possible ruins the concept of a beautiful open floor plan as it makes it appear more like a packed furniture showroom. The standard space that should be allocated for movement throughout your entire home should be three feet.

It is also important to create appropriate spacing between individual pieces of furniture to clear the access points into every zone. Do not get carried away with too many color schemes or themes that make the space too busy. Keep it simple by relying more on changes in orientation, lighting, and texture.

3. Type of Transitions

The choice of transitions may vary depending on whether you prefer your dining room to feel like a part of your kitchen, living room or closed off from both. The positioning of each unit determines how it relates to other units in your house. A closed living room that has specific entry points will look like its own distinct area while the pieces in an open living room may spread out a bit more while facing different directions. Implementing the right techniques can either create sharp or seamless transitions between each unit in your open floor layout. You can always create beautiful transitions using area rugs or modular shelving.

4. Create a Clear Line of Sight

This idea of creating an open floor plan in your home is best for families with children. There is less freedom of movement when you cannot see what your little one is doing thus you feel glued into sticking in the same room at all times. A clear line of sight through the house can make a huge difference as it eases the daily life with kids. This can be achieved by moving certain pieces of furniture away from the wall and incorporating dual-purpose pieces to create a perfect view from the living room, to the kitchen, to the playroom.

5. Segmenting Your Bedroom for Privacy

In order to maximize your privacy, you can designate your bedroom to the least-trafficked and quietest areas in your house. Afterward, you can separate the bedroom artistically from the view of other areas using screen dividers. You can also mount curtain drapes or curtains to cut off the view giving you some little privacy from other units in your home.

An open floor plan layout may seem appealing for many reasons but it comes with certain annoyances regarding privacy. Secluding other areas may create peace of mind while controlling focus during movement. These techniques can be used to create an open floor plan in your home. All you have to do is be creative with your choice of colors, and furniture arrangement to make your home more inviting and comfortable.

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