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9 Ideas to Take Your Kitchen Remodeling to the Next Level

homevalueA kitchen remodeling is an exciting project. Besides all the time that is spent in the kitchen with family and friends, the kitchen also serves as a vital work space. It gets a lot of enjoyable, important usage. A kitchen remodeling project means getting more out of that special space.

But don’t go from boring to bland. A kitchen remodeling projects is a great opportunity to consider some ideas that you might otherwise disregard. Keep an open mind as we walk through 10 innovative ideas that will help you create your dream kitchen.

Open It Up
Open shelves and cabinets continue to be hot kitchen remodeling trends. They’re typically sleek, with clean lines that give old cabinets and kitchens a completely new look.
The Ceiling
Don’t overlook what’s overhead. Interesting ceilings can add color, texture and detail to your kitchen…plus ceilings are easier to maintain and clean than countertops!
Here’s where it’s time to be bold. The color of the kitchen is going to define the area and dictate the mood of the room. Experiment and don’t be afraid to have some fun.
Keep those drawers quiet! Soft-glide hinges and guides will stop slamming doors and drawers in their tracks. All the better to hear your guests and company!
Rethink the sink
Sink design has come a long way in recent years. Large, apron-front sinks have been welcomed by homeowners and are usually a perfect fit for a kitchen remodeling.
Write it Down
Ever notice how your kitchen becomes a messaging and communications center? Between phone calls, recipies and family messages, it’s easy to see the benefits a built-in chalkboard or other permanent writing could provide.
Nooks and Crannies
Time for cozy breakfast nook? How about a small space for cookbooks, or built-in wine storage? It’s all possible when doing a kitchen remodeling.
Floors First
Your kitchen floors can have any look you want. Interested in the appearance of hardwood without the maintenance? The plethora of faux-bois and other high-tech floors allow to have whatever look you want under your feet.
The workhorses of the kitchen. An investment in high-quality, high-efficiency appliances will yield years of worry-free work, easy maintenance and appealing looks.

Armed with these and ideas and inspiration, what will your kitchen remodeling look like? When it’s time to move ahead and consider your options, don’t be afraid of being innovative and thinking outside the box. The results will likely delight you, your family and your home’s guests for years to come.

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