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Are Tesla Solar Tiles a Reasonable Roofing Material?

Tesla solar roof tiles are miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels that resemble the look and functionality of a normal roofing system. They were designed to convert sunlight into electricity while complementing a home’s architecture. Tesla solar tiles also come with an integrated power wall battery, which collects and stores energy during the day.

The technology behind Tesla solar roof tiles was derived from solar shingles, which were the first solar roof tiles. The major difference between the two is that the aesthetics in the Tesla solar roof products has been taken to a new level. In this article, we will be discussing whether Tesla solar tiles are a reasonable roofing material in your home while looking at their benefits and downsides.

What is Special about Tesla Solar Tiles?

The primary difference between Tesla solar tiles and traditional solar panels is that there is one solar cell in every solar tile. Although they look and function like conventional roofing materials, Tesla solar tiles also produce electricity. They are unique compared to other solar options because the method of installation is different from typical solar add-ons.

The most interesting feature about Tesla tiles is that they can be installed as part of a re-roofing project on a new construction. Every roof tile has a solar cell invisibly embedded within them and is designed to collect a significant amount of solar energy during the day. The stored energy is then used to power your house. It is also stored in the power wall battery for later use.

Pros of Tesla Solar Tiles

  • Lower Energy Bills

Tesla solar roof tiles are a good investment in the long term if you want to reduce your energy bills. They use a natural source of energy that can be stored in Powerwall batteries to be used later. Statistics show that Tesla solar tiles can reduce your annual energy costs by 40 to 60 percent, which gives you more than enough reasons to consider this type of technology.

  • Aesthetic Design

Tesla solar tiles have an attractive finish and integrate seamlessly into your home’s architecture. Since they do not compromise the aesthetic of your home, you get to enjoy the benefits of a full solar installation. Tesla solar roofing products gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from which include smooth, textured, slate styled and Tuscan solar roof tiles.

  • Warranty and Durability

The tempered glass construction of the Tesla solar roof tiles is nearly indestructible. According to Tesla, the solar tiles were designed to be three times stronger than traditional roofing tiles. Tesla offers an infinite warranty system to replace any roof tiles as long as you are the homeowner or intend to live there for several years. The generous warranty backs up the quality of their roofing products to guarantee buyer satisfaction.

  • Eco-friendly Source of Energy

Most regulatory bodies have placed a lot of emphasis on creating products that are environmental friendly. Tesla solar roof tiles epitomize this ideology as they reduce the amount of pollution generated by energy companies that use oil and coal to distribute power to their customers. Chemical wastes that comes because of converting petroleum-based products into energy are hazardous to the ozone layer and the entire ecosystem.

Cons of Tesla Solar Tiles

  • High Installation Cost

The cost of installing Tesla solar tiles is very high to a homeowner. Even if your roof is still in great condition, you are required to replace the entire roof to install Tesla solar roof tiles. This means that you will be paying for the costs of a new roof as well as the solar energy system embedded within the tiles.

  • Unknown Maintenance Costs

The Tesla solar tiles are still a new product in the market. Because of this reason, it is quite difficult to estimate the maintenance costs involved in case of a roof leak or electrical connection issues. For instance, what would be the cost of fixing a leaking roof and, how complex would it be? A homeowner may be in a tight situation if he or she is undecided whether to call a local roofer or Tesla as the only company that can fix the problem.

Homeowners who are concerned about their rooftop’s aesthetics will be intrigued by what Tesla solar tiles have to offer. Although they might be expensive to install, Tesla solar tiles have been professionally tested to guarantee durability and efficiency. The fact that they can convert sunlight energy into electricity while blending in the aesthetics is reason enough to consider this roofing material in your home.

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