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How to Avoid Misunderstandings with Your Home Renovation Contractor

When it comes to renovation, everybody has a story — and as it turns out, many of these stories are actually marketable. Entire TV channels are now dedicated to the stories of home renovators, the contractors they hire, and the challenges they face along the way. More drama is obviously better in terms of higher television ratings.

But when it’s your money on the table, and it’s your home renovation on the line, drama is definitely not a good thing. The most successful renovations are drama-free. From finalizing designs and choosing materials to signing off on the finished results, you want things to run smoothly and according to plan.

Unfortunately, many home renovation projects end up looking more like television. One misunderstanding follows another, and there are even disputes about scheduling and payments. After the fact, there may be disagreements about the workmanship, materials, and eventually the obligations set forth in the contract.

Home renovation companies should — and many of them do — realize that these situations are not in their best interests. By striving from the beginning to create a positive experience for the client, and putting in the extra effort to achieve a truly bankable and quality renovation, the renovator’s own business and reputation are strengthened.

Homeowners who are involved in renovations obviously know that a dramatic or messy situation is not in their interests, either. It usually winds up costing time and money, in addition to being an added stress. In many cases, projects fall behind schedule while renovation disputes are addressed, and the area of the home that’s under renovation remains “out of order” for a much longer period of time than was anticipated.

So if neither the homeowner nor the home renovator truly want a dramatic situation, or a renovation project in which the client isn’t really happy with the overall result or customer service experience, the question becomes: How can homeowners and renovators avoid misunderstandings that are costly in so many ways?

There are two basic answers to this question.

The first answer is that some home renovation companies are simply more reputable than others. An experienced renovator has probably seen a conflict or two, and definitely does not want to repeat the experience. Making sure everybody is on the same page, and going the extra mile to deliver renovations of the highest quality, is a priority for these companies. They naturally know how to navigate a project away from common pitfalls and conflicts.

The second answer, related to the first, is that homeowners and home renovators need communication that is clear and effective. Sometimes problems arise even if the renovator is highly reputable. When this happens, there must have been a breakdown in communication at some point. It’s truly important for both parties to understand each other throughout the project — but especially during the beginning phases, when designs and being finalized and contracts are being drawn up.

Navigating your renovation project toward success

As a homeowner, a huge part of your success comes down to the renovation company you choose to work with. By doing your research and not cutting corners during the selection process, you’ll find a quality renovator who doesn’t cut corners where it really matters — during the actual renovation.

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