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Backyard Transformations for Autumn

p11301921If you live in an area with four distinct seasons, you know that Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year. Temperatures are cool after a long hot Summer, the air is fresh, and the changing colors offer a stunning natural display. It’s also football season, and many families find themselves cooking outside and tossing the ball around the yard.

Here’s where a better backyard comes in handy. Not just a well-manicured yard, but a yard defined by expertly built structures and accents. A space made more functional and more enjoyable for outdoor activities. Autumn is one of the best times to think about these projects and how they could improve your lifestyle.

1. New outdoor deck

The right outdoor deck, expertly designed and built, can be a focal point for your backyard. It’s a place to cook, relax, observe, and entertain. It also provides aesthetic appeal and balance to the exterior of your property. Features such as multiple tiers and built-in seating can increase functionality. For colder Autumn months, consider a built-in fireplace or fire pit—a great feature for cozy nights under the stars.

2. Roofed porch

A roofed or three-season porch is something many homeowners dream of, especially when the leaves begin to change. If relaxing and entertaining with plenty of fresh air (while being protected from the rain) is high on your list, a roofed porch is a worthwhile consideration. It’s also a popular amenity that can increase property value.

3. Gazebo

These freestanding outdoor structures have had a lot of buzz in recent years, and for good reason. They provide a great option for “getting away” while being at home. Entertaining, relaxing, and dining al fresco are a few of the main reasons why people love gazebos. They also provide a unique landscape fixture that makes your backyard more dynamic and visually appealing.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

There are so many benefits to outdoor cooking, including easier cleanup, no lingering odors, and the pleasure of being in the great outdoors while you prepare meals. Many people still believe that outdoor kitchens are too expensive and not really an option for them, but you might be surprised when you actually get estimates from reputable builders. Depending on the features and amenities you choose, a new outdoor kitchen can be had for as little as $3,000.

5. Jacuzzi

Few people would argue that relaxing in a jacuzzi is a luxurious way to spend a chilly autumn evening. Outdoor jacuzzis are great in the cold winter months, for that matter—but there will be operating costs involved. Experts (and homeowners) say that running an outdoor jacuzzi costs between $50 and $100 per month, depending on the season. But for many homeowners, it’s worth it.

What’s Your Ideal Autumn Lifestyle?

Any of these amenities would be great during the autumn months; but as a homeowner, you probably don’t want to invest good money into something that can only be enjoyed for a single season. The great thing about the backyard transformations listed here is that you can use them throughout the year (except maybe during the dead of winter).

The question is, can you find a project that fits your tastes and your budget? If you consult a reputable exterior renovation specialist in your area, the answer might surprise you.

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