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What are the Best Home Renovation Projects for Winter?

In the dead of winter, home renovation often seems like a distant prospect. Even if you have to wherewithal to renovate an interior room, the logistics of home renovation are simply more challenging during the colder months – especially if you live in a state like New Jersey, where the winters are long and robust. People are generally less active, and prefer to wait for warmer weather before undertaking any major home renovation initiatives.

But if you do live in a place where winter takes up a good part of the calendar, the case is strong for making the most of this time – and accomplishing as much as possible before the spring thaw.

Let’s examine some of America’s most popular home renovation projects for winter. If any of these renovations have been on your to-do list, consider knocking them out during the winter months and putting yourself ahead of the game for the arrival of warmer weather.

1. Bathrooms

Aside from hauling the materials inside through the snow, bathroom remodels work pretty much the same way during the winter as they do during the summer. With professional help, the average bathroom can be remodeled in about a week.

2. Kitchens

Having a kitchen that’s out of commission during the cold winter months may not sound appealing at all — but if you can tough it out (or even find a place to stay for a week or two), you’ll have a totally remodeled kitchen to help you get rid of the winter blues.

3. New floors

Don’t underestimate the power of new flooring. It can totally transform a room, and bring fresh inspiration into your home during the dead of winter. There are a whole bunch of flooring types to choose from: Natural wood, composite, vinyl, tile, natural stone, carpet and more. The average flooring project can be finished in a couple of days with focused work. Flooring is a common DIY project, but it can take quite a bit longer when you take it on yourself.

4. Fresh paint

It’s debatable whether this qualifies as a “remodeling” project, but winter is perfect for indoor painting, especially when you’ve been feeling cooped up and unproductive. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. It can also inspire other remodeling ideas and projects.

Home renovation contractors who work during winter months

There are some companies out there who take very few projects during the winter. Other home renovators operate year round, and have good methods for completing successful projects when the weather is cold, and even when the snow is flying. If the project you have in mind is relatively minor, a skills renovator may be able to come in and complete it in a matter of days. It’s also worth mentioning that many contractors drop their prices during the coldest parts of the year, making it in an advantageous time for savvy homeowners to finish overdue renovation projects and save a little money in the process. That way, when the Spring breezes begin to blow, you can be outside enjoying them instead of stuck working on interior renovation projects!

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