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What are the Best Structural Improvements for My Home?

img_1431With all the different home renovation trends out there, people often get caught up in the finer details. This is understandable, since the average home is absolutely full of potential renovation projects. Kitchens, bathrooms, custom trim and molding — the possibilities are limitless.

But there are many cases in which important renovations — namely structural improvements that fortify and strengthen the home at deeper levels — are overlooked. That’s probably because most of these renovations aren’t flashy. The visual or aesthetic benefits are often difficult to see, if not completely invisible. And yet, they can be among the most costly renovations out there. It’s no wonder homeowners often overlook them in favor of more attractive, “appreciable” projects.

However, structural renovations are still hugely important, and failing to consider them can be costly in the long run. So before you splash out on that new kitchen or bathroom, take a quick run through some of the most common structural improvements, and ask yourself (and/or a home renovation specialist) whether your home needs attention in any of these areas.

New (or improved) roofing

Most homeowners in American budget anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on a new roof for their home. This is obviously a considerable investment, but when you consider the damage that can be done to a home when a faulty roof is left in place too long, this investment is worth it. Few aspects of the home are as structurally important as the roof, and new roofing can also give you tangible gains in energy efficiency.

Electrical work

Some electrical work is just poorly designed and inconvenient. On the other hand, you may have faulty wiring — which is a serious safety hazard. Home renovation projects often have to work around wiring or change aspects of a home’s electrical setup, and this needs to be done carefully by experienced professionals and licensed electricians. This may be an unexpected cost, but solving your home’s electrical problems is worth it in the long run, however.


This is another structural aspect of homes that often has serious faults. It might be possible to live with faulty plumbing and work around the problems, but eventually you’re going to need a proper solution.

Foundation work

Problems with your home’s foundation can lead to a litany of expensive problems, not the least of which is basement flooding. A home renovator who is also experienced in building new houses may be your best bet here, as foundation work is time consuming and needs to be done right.

Wall removal

Knocking out a wall has become a very popular home renovation project, especially as open floor plans continue to gain popularity. But these projects must be undertaken with extreme care so as not to compromise the structural or cosmetic integrity of the home.

Improving your home from the ground up

Structural work on your home can be some of the most important work you commission or carry out. It can drastically lengthen the lifespan of your home, improve energy efficiency, and boost market value when it comes time to reappraise or sell. It also makes your home a safer place.

With important work like this, you only want to trust the reputable, qualified home renovation contractors. That’s why it’s so important to consider the options in your area, do plenty of research, collect estimates, read online reviews, and make an informed decision.

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