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A Better Backyard on a Budget

random_pics_022With the traditional summer season wrapping up, fall is right around the corner. Back-to-school, football and even the winter holidays are all on the horizon. However, before we enter the deep freeze chill of what’s predicted to be another brutal winter, there is still time to enjoy your outdoor surroundings. Here are several ideas on creating a better, more enjoyable backyard on a budget.

Defining and Distinguishing the Space
One of the big differences between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces is typically the lack of definition to outdoor spaces. This is seen in those backyards that have plenty of room but the yard seems like one big space or area. Break down or divide your yard into several smaller spaces then define each space with color, decorations and plants. Each space can serve different backyard needs such as reading and relaxing, entertaining, dining, etc. Give your backyard spaces definition and you’ll get a lot more enjoyable use out of that backyard.

Giving the Patio Some Love
Concrete or brick patios can provide a lot of function, but not necessarily a lot of flair. Make sure the concrete or bricks are in good condition (safety first!), then consider a deep cleaning or power washing. That will go a long way to improve the condition and appearance of your patio. Once the patio has been cleaned up, it’s time to think about perhaps staining or stamping the concrete to give it a more welcoming appearance.

Unify the Landscape
One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the look-and-feel of your backyard is through unifying its various elements and spaces. Colored or styled planters, decorations, edging and more can be used to provide a cohesive, unified feel to your backyard. If you really like a particular color palette or material, consider using it in several places across your backyard. The unified, repeated colors will help bring disparate spaces together and make the backyard look better and feel more relaxing.

Pathways to Relaxation
Backyard pathways help to define and unify the landscape as we discussed above. There are many different materials available for creating pathways and they add a natural, elegant touch to the backyard. Pathways also serve as natural transitions between backyard spaces and your home. They provide function, style and flair to your backyard so be sure you’ve got a nice path or two out back!

Furniture and Details
Backyard furniture and decorations have gone through a bit of a revolution in recent years. Modern backyard furniture has become more luxurious and more inviting, more like our indoor furniture. Upgrading the furniture on your patio and in your backyard can make the space feel more welcoming and more modern. Utilizing a similar style, color or material in your decorations will give your backyard that upgrade it needs so you and your family can enjoy more time outdoors before it gets too cold.

With a couple months of outdoor activity still ahead of us, now is a great time to upgrade and improve your backyard. Of course, any improvements made now will also be able to be enjoyed next spring, summer and fall as well, so make an investment in your backyard, create spaces that enhance your quality of life and adds value to your home. Not sure where to start in your backyard? Contact us and we’ll share some more ideas with you.

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