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Should I Build My Own Shower Stall?

Home improvement has never been a bigger deal – not only because investing in your home is so important, but because so many home renovations have become possible, whether you’re paying a professional or doing it yourself.
The information revolution is largely responsible for this, and also the refined materials and easy-to-use “packages” available at home stores. Even if there isn’t a pre-packaged DIY kit for what you want to do, there are detailed instructions on almost anything.

The catch is that many of these instructional videos are not actually done by experienced home renovators. Instead, they’re homeowners who like to show other homeowners what they’re doing in terms of DIY home renovations, and how they accomplished their results. This is a great hobby, but it can also be misleading in some cases. It can lead some homeowners to “bite off more than they can chew” in terms of DIY projects.

So what about shower stalls? It’s a popular trend to discard old bathtubs and replace them with sparkling, spacious walk-in showers. This is a great use of vertical space, opening up the floor space of the bathroom. It’s also a highly practical and contemporary upgrade – and where home renovations are concerned, it’s a very affordable project. No wonder so many homeowners are going in this direction.

But is this one of those projects you can tackle on your own, or is it better to leave in the hands of a professional bathroom renovator?

The answer depends on a number of things. First of all, it’s certainly possible for a homeowner to realize this particular renovation without professional help. Such a homeowner will usually have a lot of tools, be somewhat experienced in other moderately difficult home renovation projects, and have plenty of time and energy to spend on the project. If any of these factors are missing – experience, tools, time and energy – the project could easily become much more than you bargained for.

On the other hand, you might not have the tools or experience, but you might have plenty of time and energy to spend – and you might want the satisfaction that comes with building your own shower stall. If this is the case, you can definitely take your time and achieve a result you can be proud of – but it will probably fall short of a high professional level. Prefabricated “kits” are also common these days, and can make the process easier for DIY homeowners – although your options will be limited in terms of design and functionality.

As with most moderate-to-difficult home renovation projects, the best results are usually obtained by hiring a seasoned bathroom renovator to do the job for you. Costs will vary, depending on whether you need plumbing re-routed, and what materials/designs you want for your new shower stall. But today’s bathroom contractors are generally able to accomplish more than ever with limited budgets, so it’s a great time to seek their advice. Just be sure to work with a reputable, experienced contractor who gives you straight information and doesn’t push their own agenda. Good luck with your bathroom renovations!

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