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5 Reasons Building a Garage is a Wise Investment

Many people do not see a garage to be of much benefit to them. A garage is just seen as part of a house that everyone has. Nevertheless, a garage does not always have to be standard, as you can do so much with it. Apart from storing your car and items, you can use your garage as an extra living space, a place to entertain guests, and as an extra space for hobbies. This article looks into five reasons why building a garage is a good investment.

  1. Car Storage

One of the main reasons why homeowners build a garage is to store their car. A garage offers a safe place to park your car. It reduces theft cases because when your car is outside, it becomes an easy target for vandalism. However, if you own a garage, you can park the car out of view from vandals. When you park your car outside, you not only have to worry about vandalism but the weather too. Harsh weather conditions such as excess sunlight or rainfall can damage your car significantly. Apart from damage, people dread getting into a cold car, especially during the winter. Not only is getting into a cold car not a good move, but you also have to worry about frozen windows and doors. If you have a garage, you do not have to stress over outdoor elements. The garage will keep the car nice and warm, and offer protection from the sun, ice, and snow.

  1. Extra Living Space

Contemporary garages are not just storage for cars. They offer extra space that you can make use of in any way you want. For instance, you can use the extra space to make a room for guests, a home office, or a work area for home projects. This extra footage is vital, especially considering the high cost of housing. You can house extra family members in there, or even have a garage apartment and rent out the space for extra money at the end of the month.

  1. Extra Storage Space

If you have a garage, then you can use the extra space to store different items that may not look good when stored in the main house. Apart from storing your car, a garage offers a perfect location for tools, sporting equipment, camping gear, recreational items, and holiday décor. If you need even more space, you can go ahead and call in professionals to build shelves and cabinets. These storage solutions come in handy, as they help keep things organized.

  1. Extra Space for Hobbies

A garage offers an incredible space for hobbies. Depending on the space you have and the things that interest you. You can have a garage for activities such as woodworking, working out, arts, and other crafts. If you have kids, you can encourage them to enjoy games and activities that they would love in the garage. The options available for using a garage as an entertainment hub are endless. You can even move the car if you need more space to have fun.

  1. Gain and Retain Property Value

Another reason why garages are a wise investment is that they contribute to a higher home value. As long as your garage is up to the market standards, you should get a good return on investment from a garage addition. In fact, research shows that homeowners recoup about 70% of their investment in a mid-range garage. This happens because new garages attract homebuyers in search of a home for their car or extra storage and living space. A garage addition is something that will certainly set your house apart from others in the neighborhood.

Garages are quite important, but they do not receive the credit they deserve, most of the time. Apart from offering you with a safe place to store your car, your garage can also be used as an extra living space, and an additional space for entertainment. In addition to this, a garage goes a long way in boosting your home’s overall value. When it comes to selecting the best garage, you will have two choices – attached or detached options. An attached garage is ideal for those homeowners that live in areas with inclement weather. On the other hand, a detached garage is perfect for those people that want to get more out of their garage. A detached garage can be customized to fit your specific needs, and ensure that you are having the best possible experience.

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