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Is Building a New Home Worth It?

IMG_0001If you’ve ever watched those TV shows where couples go house hunting, you’ve probably noticed a common theme. One person wants something that is more or less “turnkey” and ready to occupy, while the other is excited about the prospect of renovations and customizations. This often leads to disagreements and discussions, and one person or the other eventually has to compromise.

For many prospective home buyers, the idea of building a new home from scratch is simply too much to think about. The allure of being able to buy a property and immediately start living there is too strong. Even if there are a few renovations to be done, it’s much easier than going through the research, planning and months of building involved in a brand new construction.

But is it really so difficult to build a custom home? Should prospective buyers dismiss the idea so quickly?

Every home buyer is different, but one thing is for sure: Building a home may not be as much work as it seems, especially when you consider the benefits of having a brand new home as opposed to inheriting a place that was built ten, twenty, or even a hundred years ago.

Make no mistake—buying an older home can be the right decision for many people. It’s possible to find a property that just feels right. But in many cases, people have a hard time making a decision. They don’t want to “settle” for something that isn’t exactly what they want. Here is where building a new home deserves serious consideration.

There are several clear advantages to building. These including:

  • Total customization of your living space
  • A house designed to reflect your lifestyle and tastes
  • Newer houses often perform better on the market
  • Opportunities to start things off right with modern insulation, waterproofing, smart appliances, etc.
  • Average total costs that are often comparable (or in some cases even lower) than the cost of buying a pre-built home (averages between $170k and $450k)

In order to take full advantage and receive these benefits, however, the question of who builds the home is important. You need a craftsman who delivers only the sturdiest, most professional results, from the home’s foundation down to the smallest detail.

Is Building New Really Worth It?

There are many variables that decide whether building a new home is really the best decision for a given individual, couple or family. Your current local housing market is one. Your needs and goals are another. But one thing is absolutely certain: When you partner with a truly reputable and skilled contractor to build a new home, the process isn’t nearly as difficult and arduous as it may seem in the beginning. It might also make a lot of economic sense to do so. Contacting good contractors in your area and discussing estimates may be the best way to clarify the pros and cons, and make an informed decision as to whether building a new home is the right move for you.

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