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Consider These Home Renovations Before You Move

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a new home and you’re eager to move in as soon as possible. Once you get settled, you’ve got some great renovation ideas to make the place “your own” and improve the lifestyle you’re able to live in your new home.

But hold on a second. Should you really move in before you renovate, or is there an argument for renovating first and moving in later? The reality is that with certain projects, you can save yourself time, hassle and money by finishing the job first and moving in second. Below are the most common jobs that home renovators often recommend finishing before you move in.

Interior Painting

For anyone who’s ever painted the interior of their house, this is a no brainer. Half the work of painting involves moving and covering furniture, and the cleanup that comes after. There’s a strong argument for taking care of all interior painting before you move in. This ensures that the job is done perfectly (with no chance of dripping paint on your favorite armchair!). And by dealing with paint before you move in, you won’t have to worry about your family inhaling fumes or your property being damaged.

Refinishing or Installing Flooring

Whether you want to refinish your hardwood floors or install wall-to-wall carpeting, flooring is much more easily done when you aren’t yet inhabiting your home and the rooms are still empty. On top of that, you can save money on labor costs if you hire a crew to renovate your flooring all at once, instead of spreading the job out over multiple sessions.

Replace or Insulate Windows

If you have an older home, it’s worth having an expert check the insulation of your windows. Poorly insulated windows are a huge energy drain on a house, and bringing them up to speed can save you money in the long run. Obviously it is isn’t crucial to replace or insulate windows before moving in — but this is one project that’s often forgotten if not dealt with right away. By taking care of window issues before move-in day, you’ll hit the ground running with the lowest heating and cooling bills possible.

Replace Major Appliances

You could replace your heating system, washer and dryer, oven, or other major appliances at any time — but it’s often easier when the house is empty. For one thing, it’s easier to maneuver large appliances through an empty house. And if installation requires any special ventilation or plumbing, you’ll experience much less hassle if you take care of it before you get settled.

Moving in the right way

If you’ve recently purchased a home, think critically about what renovation jobs you have in mind — and prioritize which of these make the most sense to tackle before you make the move. You might not have the time or money to address every single problem at once, but getting an expert opinion on where to start could save you money and headaches down the road. Whatever jobs you choose to take on, make sure you hire an experienced and reputable contractor to ensure the work is done right.

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