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Consider These Types of Tile for Your Floor

If you’re thinking about replacing the floors in your home ­– whether it’s just one room or several – there are a lot of different options to consider. Carpet is one type of flooring that comes to mind immediately for a lot of people. It feels good under the feet, and can make a room feel cozy. Hardwood floors are usually considered the “opposite” of carpet. They may be more expensive and require more maintenance, but the aesthetic value and long-term value of hardwood make it a very compelling option.

Beyond those two mainstream flooring options, tile has emerged as a serious consideration for American homeowners. Actually, tile has been popular for a long time – but people tended to use it only for kitchens, bathrooms, or “utility” areas. Tile is still a great choice for these areas, especially considering its ease of use and extreme durability. But tile works for a lot of other areas in the home as well, especially when you look at all the different types of tile that are available. Here are a few types of tile you might not have known about. You might want to consider one or more of these for the flooring in your home!


This type of tile is made from natural ingredients – clay and minerals – using a process of heating and cooling. Many different looks and textures can be achieved with ceramic tile, and it’s also an extremely affordable option. The value of ceramic tile has been well known for some time, and it’s particularly popular in warm weather environments.


Slate is a natural stone material that occurs naturally all over the world. People typically associate slate with a dark gray color, but there are actually slate tiles in a huge range of colors. The smooth and natural texture of this tile makes it ideal for indoor and even outdoor spaces – and it looks great too.

Stone mosaic

This is a truly stunning option that many people have appreciated in other homes, without ever really considering it for their own home or business. A mosaic of stones and pebbles is attractive, spontaneous and unique, and it can work wonders for the visual aesthetic of an indoor room or outdoor space. Showers and bathroom floors are particularly popular places for this type of specialty design.


This is another totally natural tile option that makes for an incredible floor surface. It’s interesting to note that granite is actually formed when volcanic lava cools and solidifies. As such, it’s an incredibly strong and beautiful type of flooring. The look is distinct and dynamic, with rich textures and subtle variations in color that only granite can provide.

Faux wood

You might have ruled out hardwood flooring due to the high maintenance requirements, or because of the cost – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it completely! Faux wood floors have taken off, appearing in magazines and TV shows throughout the world. You’ve probably even seen this type of flooring in a friend or neighbor’s home. The resemblance is stunning, and you can mimic any type of wood you want. You also have the incredible benefits of lower cost and zero maintenance.

Contact a reputable home renovator in your area to find out more about the flooring options (and associated costs) available to you!

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