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How to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

When was the last time you took a good long look around your home and thought about storage space? The truth is, storage space is one of the most underrated and valuable aspects of the home; but we’re often too busy thinking about other types of home improvement. Storage often gets put on the back shelf, so to speak.

Although it may be cumbersome to think about undertaking home renovations in order to improve your storage situation, it can make a huge difference in the overall lifestyle you’re able to live at home. Without adequate storage, it’s a constant battle to keep things in their places; and the limited storage space you do have is cluttered and packed to capacity.

So what’s the solution? How can you effectively create more storage space in your home, without interrupting your visual aesthetic?

There are several different answers to these questions. Some are obvious, and some not so much. If you’ve been facing a chronic shortage of useful storage space, here are a few intelligent ways to create added storage in your home.

1. Install shelving

This is an obvious choice, and a “quick fix,” depending on how you look at it. Freestanding shelving is usually not the best choice from an aesthetic standpoint, but it quickly gives you extra storage. Wall-mounted shelving is another option, but in order to give yourself a meaningful increase in storage, it may be necessary to drastically change the appearance of a room.

2. Hideaway and pull out storage options

These are really some of the best possible options if you’re looking for more storage – mainly because they’re “hidden” options that give you smart, valuable storage that hides away out of sight. People typically go for hideaway and pull out storage installations in their kitchens and utility rooms. The best home renovators in your area will be able to discuss the best options with you, and give you valuable advice on how to achieve the best result for your budget.

3. Renovate your staircase

People have been storing things under the stairs since time immemorial; but have you ever considered storing items inside your staircase? It can be a smart move, especially if you live in a smaller house with limited space. Instead of building new storage in a way that takes up additional space, staircase renovation can make use of the space beneath each step, giving you valuable new storage space that is also “invisible” and very handy.

A reputable renovator for your storage needs

If built-in storage is something you’re interested in, and you want to find a quality home renovator to bring your ideas to life, where do you turn? Fortunately, there are reputable renovation companies in your area who have completed numerous storage projects, and whose experience and skill will surely meet your needs. Look for contractors that are highly rated on popular social media channels, and when you make contact, be sure to ask about similar projects they may have completed in the past.

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