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Custom Ceilings 

When it comes to renovations or building a new home, there are many ways you can customize your property to create unique and personalized additions that will have you excited to walk into a room for years to come. One of those is the ceilings.

At Baine Contracting, we know ceilings are as vital to your interior design as your walls, flooring and furniture. We have been custom installing ceiling for new homes and renovations in Ocean and Monmouth Counties since 1984 and our team are the local specialists in all fields of construction. Because our contractors have been creating custom ceilings in the Jersey Shore area for decades, we have an enormous amount of experience, and we also use the best quality materials available.

We utilize the highly versatile carpentry and detailed joinery skillsets of our construction team to be able to enhance the beauty of your home to add value and character. We’re also very happy to work with your plans and our experts can show you possibilities you may not have considered, to achieve the best possible final product in your home.

Versatile and Detailed

There are many ceiling styles that are common in New Jersey homes today – from basic flat ceilings to highly decorative ceilings with intricate detail designed to impress. Some of the designs we’ve worked with in the past include:

Conventional Ceiling: The most common ceiling seen in modern homes, conventional ceilings are quite simply a flat surface, with accessible height for changing lights. Usually customized with lighting types or crown molding, there are many available upgrades you can make to create a unique, yet simple ceiling.

Drop Ceilings: A drop ceiling or suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hanging below the existing ceiling. Usually made of light weight panels designed for acoustic treatment, or for additional creative depth to the room, they are suspended from the ceiling by hangers or wires. They can hide plumbing and wiring, plumbing, and Baine offers a variety of unique drop ceiling styles that can add dimension and character to your existing space.

Coffered and Cove Ceilings: Coffered style ceilings are constructed of grids of sunken panels divided by molding. Cove ceilings are defined by curved moldings that join the ceiling and wall, smoothly transitioning to create a hollow cove above your head.

Tray Ceiling: Tray ceilings are generally flat ceilings with recessed or protruded center pieces to give architectural or aesthetic appeal to a simple ceiling. Lighting is often featured in the center of these types of ceilings.

Cathedral/Vaulted Ceiling: Cathedral ceilings have high, sloping sides that join at a point at the peak of the roof. Vaulted ceilings are similar, but are usually for unevenly sloping roofs.

Shed Ceiling: A shed ceiling is a flat ceiling that slants upward to one side, normally seen in homes with dormers.
Aside from being able to create any type of custom ceiling type you want, we can also improve the acoustics within your home to keep out excess noise, or keep it in. Talk to our specialists to see how we can improve your acoustics, with customized ceiling panels.

Contact Baine Contractors by phone or online today to have a no-obligation chat about your project. Whether you’ve worked with us before or are considering your first-ever home renovation or build, our team is happy to hear from you!