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Decks and Porches

When we take on a deck or porch project, we don’t settle for mediocrity. This is an important addition to your home, and we know it requires the highest level of professionalism and skill — from the initial design phases right through to completion. Here at Baine, we don’t want to give our clients “acceptable” results. We strive to deliver the deck or porch they’ve always wanted for their home. Timing and budgets are also important, and the service aspect of the project should never take a back seat. By keeping all of these elements in mind, we’ve built a reputation for the most successful deck and porch additions in New Jersey.


There are plenty of companies out there who build decks — but are they built with the finest workmanship? Do they make use of the best materials? Are they finished on time, on budget, and backed up by a solid guarantee against defects? Our goal is to build you a deck that exceeds expectations and beautifully accents your home, providing the functional space you need and the look you’ve always wanted. It’s possible today to achieve more than ever with an outdoor deck, from multi-tier designs to full outdoor kitchens. Even if your deck is a relatively simple design, we pay extra attention to detail to make sure you come away with a truly well-built and attractive outdoor deck.


The porch is among the most visible and vital aspects of your home’s exterior. When built right, it adds character and functionality, and can totally redefine the appearance of the home. When it comes to a renovation as important as this, we know it’s important to have utmost confidence in your builder. Our team will work with you to refine your ideas until we have the perfect design, whether it’s a simple front porch addition or an elaborate wraparound patio for entertaining and relaxing.

What sets our decks and porches apart?

We’ve been building the finest quality decks and porches up and down the Jersey shore since 1984, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our attention to detail and meticulous planning process ensure that your project starts off on the right note. We enjoy collaborating with our clients, and feel that great communication is a key aspect of every successful deck or porch project. From there, we rely on experience and skill to deliver results that are durable, attractive, and a great overall value to modern homeowners.

Next steps

Making your deck and porch plans a reality takes time and attention to detail. You may not know exactly where to start. Here at Baine Contracting, we’re always happy to discuss projects with potential clients, and help them get closer to the results they want. Our friendly team of experts can discuss your unique project and discuss next steps with you, whether by phone or email. If you have specific plans and ideas, we’ll answer any questions you may have about them. If you’re relatively undecided about what you want, our team can help you find a solution that checks all the right boxes for your home and family.