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Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home

kitcDesigning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home

As the spring and summer season roll around for Jersey Shore residents, many families will be spending more time outside. Sure, they’ll hit the beaches and boardwalks, but they’ll also spend lots of quality time outside right in their own backyards. Outdoor dining and entertaining is perhaps more popular than ever and something that everyone enjoys when the warm months arrive. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to encourage family and friends to spend time together outside, but what goes into the perfect outdoor kitchen? Here are some ideas….

1. Bring the inside layout to the outdoors
Most home kitchens are setup for various workzones. They make a functioning kitchen function more easily and efficiently. Those same design principles should be applied to outdoor kitchen as well. Divide work and surface areas into hold, cold, wet and dry. Also, apply basic design principles such as those provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Pretty soon, your outdoor kitchen will be running as smoothly and enjoyably as your indoor kitchen.
2. Bring your interior design outside
If your home is modern and elegant, then you should consider a modern, elegant outdoor kitchen. If your home is a cozy colonial, then your outdoor kitchen area should embrace and reflect that same design ethic. Bringing your interior design and home’s style to the outdoors is easy when you consider layout, equipment and furniture in advance. You want your outdoor kitchen to be an extension of your indoor kitchen so apply to the same design and layout ideas. Also, try to include an overhead element such as a lattice, pergola or canopy. They’ll make your outdoor kitchen feel complete, well designed and comfortable.
3. Don’t forget the entertainment
Sure you want people to eat outside and make the most of your outdoor kitchen, but what about the other things people enjoy while eating? Bringing outdoor speakers for music or installing an outdoor television will help ensure that people linger longer outside, instead of just eating outside then rushing in to turn on the stereo or TV. Many modern in-home entertainment systems can extend the entertainment outside through wireless speakers, web-based music and video choices and other modern options. It’s smart to make sure that you’re using entertainment equipment that was meant to stand the test of outdoor conditions.

When it comes to outdoor kitchens and entertaining, homeowners face several decisions. Remember to have equipment and appliances designed for the outside, try to bring some of your home’s intrinsic design and style to your outdoor kitchen and remember, people want to be enjoy themselves outside, so bring the music and video with you by utilizing outdoor entertainment systems and design it all for a warm, inviting feel that makes people feel welcomed and comfortable.

Want more ideas for your outdoor kitchen? Check out this article from HGTV. Have questions about how to set up your outdoor kitchen this season? Call us 732-840-4011 and let’s discuss it!

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